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20 years of fashion on Google

Google Blog – 1.24.20

At the Grammy Awards twenty years ago, Jennifer Lopez wore a Versace dress on the red carpet which had a ripple effect on fashion — not to mention, Google — for years to come. Jennifer’s dress was so popular on Search that it helped inspire the creation of Google Images (then known as Image Search). In honor of this anniversary, we looked at U.S. fashion trends on Search since Google Trends began in 2004 to see how people have used Google over the years for inspiration and style advice.

Source: 20 years of fashion on Google

The defining moments of IBM Watson last decade

IBM Blog – 1.24.20 (1.16.20)

Unveiled to the world just under a decade ago, today, IBM Watson is being used by millions of people in thousands of different ways to unlock the value of data in new and profound ways. Across countless industries, Watson is helping businesses around the world harness their data, increase productivity, and improve customer experiences with the power of AI. Watson is augmenting human productivity and creativity, and empowering teams to focus on more complex, higher-value work. Watson has had a busy decade, and has achieved everything from defeating two “Jeopardy!” champions, redefining the customer care experience after natural disasters, taking AI technology to the US Open and Wimbledon, and altering the way we look at bias and explainability in AI. Here are just a few of Watson’s greatest hits so far. There’s much more to come.

Source: The defining moments of IBM Watson last decade

CES 2020 Featuring GO Air

JLab Audio – 1.24.20 (1.16.20)

This year was the 53rd annual CES exhibition, where technology was making waves and advancing incredibly. From virtual screens and robot ping pong, to audio galore and recyclable batter technology cars, there were countless things to enjoy at CES. JLab was thrilled to be there and show off our newest edition to the JLab family: GO Air offering 20+hours of playtime, 20% smaller with a slimmer and easily accessible case, dual connect, touch sensors, and Custom EQ3, all for $29.

Source: CES 2020 Featuring GO Air

Beat those winter blues with some vibrant hues: How modifying your environment can brighten your mood

Wynd Blog – 1.24.20 (1.16.20)

Did you know that, in a study of the gambling habits of New York residents, people were more likely to buy a lottery ticket following particularly sunny days? Now, this may just seem like one of those interesting throw-away facts, like “you’re statistically more likely to be killed by a vending machine than a shark”, but it’s actually a perfect example of how our surroundings significantly impact our moods and outlooks on life. In this case, brighter days actually caused the residents of the Big Apple to brighten their outlook as well, making them feel more lucky than usual. That being said, we’re not so much interested in how the weather causes New Yorkers to make unwise financial decisions as we are in how these concepts can be used to lift your mood during these gloomy months.

Source: Beat those winter blues with some vibrant hues: How modifying your environment can brighten your mood

The Best Solution for Protecting Your Eyes from Blue Light

GUNNAR Blog – 1.24.20 (1.16.20)

Every day the negative effect of blue light’s on your eyes gains additional scientific confirmation. Given the various credible, peer-reviewed studies on the subject, the scientific community has essentially reached a consensus. For practical reasons, let’s accept the scientific conclusions thus far reached. Now what? Business has, fortunately, kept up with the science in this case. Many products exist solely to protect your eyes from blue light. The difficulty is not finding something that claims to protect you, the difficulty is finding the product that protects you best. The way we see it, there are essentially three viable solutions to the problem of blue light: Software (ex: Flux), Safety Glasses, or Blue Light Glasses. Today we run down each of these three possibilities and compare and contrast.

Source: The Best Solution for Protecting Your Eyes from Blue Light 

Introducing ‘Rebuilding Notre Dame,’ an Intimate Look at the Cathedral Before and After the Fire

Oculus Blog – 1.23.20

Dating back to the 12th century, Notre Dame is a cultural landmark steeped in historic as well as religious significance. The cathedral caught fire on April 15, 2019, resulting in the destruction of its trademark spire. Since then, this popular tourist attraction has been closed to the public, pending a laborious renovation effort. And today, people around the world can step inside its walls and witness Notre Dame before and after the fire, thanks to Rebuilding Notre Dame—a new VR documentary from TARGO, now available in Oculus TV on Oculus Quest.

Source: Introducing ‘Rebuilding Notre Dame,’ an Intimate Look at the Cathedral Before and After the Fire

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