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Eyewear Trends 2021: Top 4 Fashion Glasses 

GUNNAR Optiks Blog – 4.7.21

They say the highlight of an outfit usually lies in the small details like earrings, shoes, or a statement purse, but with a rise in virtual everything— we say a pair of blue light glasses is a must. The new virtual way of life is setting a high demand for fashion-forward frames that are not only trendy but give your eyes the protection they need. Here are the top trends for eyewear in 2021.

Source: Eyewear Trends 2021: Top 4 Fashion Glasses 

3 Benefits of Wearing Blue Light Glasses

TouchPoint Blog – 12.1.20 (11.30.20)

While 2020 has decreased a lot of things in our lives, there is one thing that it has increased – staring at our screens! Whether working from home or spending more time on screens to check in via Zoom or other methods, our eyes are being exposed to more blue light than ever before. Which is why blue light glasses have become a huge trend to many. But are they worth it? Certainly, and here are 3 benefits to wearing your blue light blockers.

Source: 3 Benefits of Wearing Blue Light Glasses

Echo Frames are now available to everyone

Amazon Blog – 11.23.20 (11.19.20)

In creating Echo Frames, we had a vision at Amazon to invent a product that would empower customers to stay connected with the world and provide access to communication, information, and entertainment no matter where they are. We wanted to build a technology that could disappear into the background and help our customers engage with people, content, and services, without distracting them from the moment. So we asked ourselves: how do we build a device for all-day wear that works well both at home and on-the-go and lets customers stay present?

Source: Echo Frames are now available to everyone

Transform Your Health with Fitbit Sense

Fitbit YouTube Channel – 10.26.20


Introducing Fitbit Sense. This is more than a smartwatch. It’s a smarter way to transform your health. Tune in to your body with tools for stress management, heart health, SpO2, skin temperature and more, plus 6 months of free Premium for new users. Get free shipping at #TransformYourHealth

Source: Transform Your Health with Fitbit Sense

The new independent Qardio app for Apple Watch.

Qardio YouTube Channel – 8.17.20


Qardio has created a new app so people can take their blood pressure reading directly on their Apple Watch, without their iPhone. New users can even activate their QardioArm through their Apple watch, without the need to create a Qardio account.

Source: The new independent Qardio app for Apple Watch

ThirdEye Sizzle Reel

ThirdEye YouTube Channel – 7.13.20 (7.8.20)


Healthcare, field service, and education are among the extensive array of industries ThirdEye serves with our hardware and software solutions. ThirdEye’s X2 MR Glasses are a hands-free wearable computer that is revolutionizing the future of enterprise. Benefit instantly from augmented and mixed reality applications like step-by-step workflow instruction, remote expert assistance, and digital information that is superimposed into your field of view.

Source: ThirdEye Sizzle Reel

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