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IBM launches first AI incubator for social impact

IBM Blog – 7.13.21

We are proud to announce the launch of IBM’s first AI incubator for social impact organizations, empowering nonprofit organizations to explore and use high-impact data science and AI projects to advance their mission. The incubator, which will run from September 20 through December 10 2021, offers selected nonprofits opportunities to attend training workshops, hear from expert speakers, learn from each other’s experiences, and work with IBM AI leaders to implement a project during the 10-week program. Participating organizations will work alongside experts from IBM Data Science and AI Elite and IBM Research in an apprenticeship model, while leveraging the power of the IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service platform and building the support of a community of like-minded organizations. Ultimately, through the incubator and other AI for social good programs, we aim to support organizations with an identified gap or aspiration in data and AI, and help them enhance their long-term impact in the communities they serve.

Source: IBM launches first AI incubator for social impact – Watson Blog

The four keys to trustworthy AI

IBM Blog – 5.17.21 (5.11.21)

Artificial intelligence is a major factor in people’s lives. It influences who gets a loan, how companies hire and compensate employees, how customers are treated, even where infrastructure and aid are allocated. It is already deeply embedded in our businesses, organizations and governments, including the 40,000 client engagements with IBM Watson across 20 industries in 80 countries. As the world increasingly relies on AI to help make major predictions and decisions, it becomes essential that people can trust the process and results of that AI. IBM is working on building that trust.

Source: The four keys to trustworthy AI – Watson Blog

Unlocking the Power of AI

Dell Blog – 4.19.21 (4.16.21)

At VMworld 2020, NVIDIA and VMware shared their vision to work together to democratize and unleash AI for every enterprise. And that’s the case today as the companies roll out a jointly engineered solution that optimizes the latest update to VMware vSphere 7 — for AI applications with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite on Dell Technologies.

Source: Unlocking the Power of AI | Dell Technologies

“You can actually feel like you’re in the same place”: Microsoft Mesh powers shared experiences in mixed reality

Microsoft Blog – 3.8.21 (3.2.21)

For years, Cirque du Soleil co-founder Guy Laliberté received countless proposals for virtual reality technologies, but they couldn’t match the magic of his intensely visual and mesmerizing live performances. Now, with a new platform provided by Microsoft, he’s rethinking that.

Source: “You can actually feel like you’re in the same place”: Microsoft Mesh powers shared experiences in mixed reality | Innovation Stories

The building blocks of Microsoft’s responsible AI program

Microsoft Blog – 1.21.21 (1.19.21)

The pace at which artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing is remarkable. As we look out at the next few years for this field, one thing is clear: AI will be celebrated for its benefits but also scrutinized and, to some degree, feared. It remains our belief that, for AI to benefit everyone, it must be developed and used in ways which warrant people’s trust. Microsoft’s approach, which is based on our AI principles, is focused on proactively establishing guardrails for AI systems so that we can make sure that their risks are anticipated and mitigated, and their benefits are maximized.

Source: The building blocks of Microsoft’s responsible AI program

Machine learning for kids

Amazon Blog – 11.6.20 (11.5.20)

The growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning will create millions of new jobs over the next few years. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) specialists are in the most “in demand” employees across all industries, according to the World Economic Forum’s new Future of Jobs report, 2020, yet there are only a few hundred thousand engineers trained in AI and ML worldwide. As more organizations embrace digital transformation by moving to the cloud to make machine learning a reality, they’re using creative training initiatives to close the machine learning skills gap. Capital One’s AWS DeepRacer League is one excellent example of this.

Source: Machine learning for kids

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