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Online Dating Safety Tips 

Avast Blog – 2.14.20 (2.13.20)

With Valentine’s Day looming on the calendar like a pulsing red heart, the online dating world is sure to experience a flutter of activity. But it’s not just lonely hearts who are flocking to the dating sites – unfortunately, predators and scammers are also in the crowd, hoping to take advantage of these modern digital courtships. You can kiss these threats goodbye, however, by following a few simple guidelines on your road to romance.

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Spam Control: Chapter 2 – Reducing Spam Text Messages

OWC Blog – 2.11.20  (2.10.20)

In the first article in this series, we told you what spam is and why it’s a good thing to keep under control. From that article, you may assume that spam is strictly an email issue. That assumption is wrong — as more people learn how to reduce spam in their email inboxes, spammers are increasingly targeting users through text messages. Before we dive into email spam control in the final two articles, we’ll show you simple and effective ways to get a handle on spam text messages.

Source: Spam Control: Chapter 2 – Reducing Spam Text Messages

What’s ahead for 2020

Flickr Blog – 1.20.20 (1.17.20)

Yesterday, we recapped Flickr’s many accomplishments in 2019. We’re proud of the year’s successes, but we’re particularly excited for what lies ahead in 2020. Now that our system migration is truly behind us, we can focus even more of our efforts on making Flickr the best place for photographers to share and connect.

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Introducing Topics

Twitter Blog – 11.27.19 (11.11.19)

Twitter is what’s happening and what the world is talking about. And together, we talk about a lot. It can be overwhelming to discover new and interesting conversations about what you like because there are so many taking place at once. Often, you just want to see the best Tweets about what’s happening on the things that matter to you. Starting today, we’re making it even easier to follow the best conversations on Twitter.

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