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How Meta Is Planning for Elections in 2024 | Meta

Meta Blog – 12.3.23

Next year, more than two billion people will head to the polls in elections across some of the world’s biggest democracies, including the United States, India, Indonesia, Mexico and the European Union. Over many years, Meta has developed a comprehensive approach for elections on our platforms. With so many important elections approaching, we are setting out how the policies and safeguards we have established over time will apply in 2024.

Source: How Meta Is Planning for Elections in 2024 | Meta

Google Vault now supports Google Calendar

Google Blog – 11.29.23

What’s changing

Google Vault now supports Calendar, which means customers can take the following actions around Calendar data:
  • Manage retention with default and custom rules.
  • Search and preview events with a number of filters, such as keyword search across description, title, guests, locations and invite response status which can be used to quickly refine your search.
  • Search for historical versions of events, which allows Vault Admins to search and export events as they appeared on a specific date.
  • Export data in multiple formats, including ICS, PST (MSFT format) and CSE-decryptable formats.
  • Apply holds to prevent purging of data which must be retained for legal purposes.

Source: Google Vault now supports Google Calendar

Raise your hand with gesture detection in Google Meet

Google Blog – 11.22.23

Until now, raising your hand to ask a question in Google Meet is done by clicking the hand-raise icon. Starting today, you can also raise your physical hand and Meet will recognize it with gesture detection. To ensure the gesture is detected, make sure your camera is enabled and your hand is visible to the camera, away from your face and body. As an active speaker, the gesture detection will not be triggered; when you’re no longer the active speaker, gesture detection will resume.

Privacy Matters: Meta’s Generative AI Features

Meta Blog – 9.29.23 (9.27.23)

Today, we’re launching new generative AI features, and like other Meta products, we took steps to protect your privacy and offer greater transparency as we built these exciting new features. We developed privacy mitigations through our privacy review process and external engagements, and below are some helpful details on how we’ve trained our models, how interacting with our conversational AIs is different from interacting with friends or family, and where you can find more information about your privacy and our new generative AI features.

Source: Privacy Matters: Meta’s Generative AI Features | Meta

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