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Introducing Personal Data Cleanup

McAfee Blog – 3.30.22

We’re excited to announce the release of McAfee’s Personal Data Cleanup, a new feature that finds and removes your personal info from data brokers and people search sites. Now, you can feel more confident by removing personal info from data broker sites and keeping it from being collected, sold, and used to: advertise products to you, fill your email box with spam, and can even give criminals the info they need to steal your identity. Let’s look at why we’re offering McAfee Personal Data Cleanup, how it protects your privacy, and why it’s a great addition to the online protection we already offer. 

Source: Introducing Personal Data Cleanup

Fly with 4G

Parrot YouTube Channel – 3.28.22 (3.25.22)


With ANAFI Ai, flying your drone without worrying about signal loss has never been easier: – Insert your 4G SIM card – Enter the PIN code in FreeFlight 7 – Fly with 4G

Source: Fly with 4G

Return to Office: 5 Steps You Can Take to Safely Transition to In-Person Working

Wynd Blog – 3.28.22

Earlier this month, President Biden encouraged Americans to return to in-person working.

On March 5, the President said: “Because of the progress we’ve made in fighting COVID, Americans can not only get back to work, but they can go to the office and safely fill our great downtown cities again.” With an estimated 75% of adults in the United States fully-vaccinated and hospitalizations down 77%, major corporations are planning to return to in-person work.

Source: Return to Office: 5 Steps You Can Take to Safely Transition to In-Person Working

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