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How to defeat social engineering attacks

Avast Blog – 5.24.22

If you have heard of the process of social engineering, the ability of a hacker to trick you into divulging your private details, then you might have come across ethical hacker Rachel Tobac. She’s the CEO of SocialProof Security and board member of Women in Security and Privacy. I virtually attended one of her more recent talks, during which she explained her craft and gave some suggestions on how we all can improve our personal security and make her job more difficult.

Source: How to defeat social engineering attacks

The biggest financial scams of 2022

Avast Blog – 5.23.22

The year is not even half over, but the FTC has already logged almost 500,000 fraud scams and over 300,000 cases of identity theft since January. According to the UN, an additional 782 million people have come online during the pandemic, raising the number of internet users globally from 4.1 billion to 4.9 billion. This increase brought a wealth of new and not-yet-savvy victims to the world of cybercrime, unfortunately at the same time that scams were growing more sophisticated and tricky.

Source: The biggest financial scams of 2022

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