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What video games are hacked the most? 

NordVPN – 7.27.21 (7.16.21)

The world has long moved beyond “hacked” arcade games, where inputting a secret code would give bonus lives or invulnerability. Hacking games have become a far more complicated affair, to the point that “good” hackers have begun to strike back against the “real” hackers ruining their game with cheats and illegitimate wins. The Call of Duty malware trap is a perfect example of this.

Source: What video games are hacked the most? | NordVPN

Who Can See Your Address Online?

Avast Blog – 7.26.21 (7.20.21)

Finding out someone’s address used to be kind of hard — or at least took some effort. I’m old enough to remember a time when you had to grab that brick called the “yellow pages” to search for someone’s address. We were taught how to do it in school: start with their last name and then run your finger down the teeny-tiny print until you found the first name that matched the person you were searching for. And, even then, the yellow pages only included people in your immediate area. Want to find the address of someone in New York City? Better get your hands on their phone book.

Source: Who Can See Your Address Online? | Avast

How to reclaim your privacy online

1Password Blog – 7.23.21 (7.20.21)

Have you ever been convinced that your devices are listening to what you’re saying? We’ve all been there. Despite popular belief, your gadgets aren’t eavesdropping – but they are tracking everything you’re doing online and creating a hyper-personalized mega profile that advertisers use for targeted marketing.

Here are some of the easiest ways to reduce your digital footprint and take back control of your privacy online.

Source: How to reclaim your privacy online

Your password is too predictable 

Webroot Blog – 6.25.21

Password predictability is one of the most significant challenges to overall online security. Well aware of this trend, hackers often seek to exploit what they assume are the weak passwords of the average computer user. With a little bit of background information, “brute forcing” a simple password is a straightforward undertaking.

Source: Your password is too predictable | Webroot

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