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Quiz: What’s Your Work From Home Style?

Rocketbook Blog – 1.22.21 (1.20.21)

7am wake-up or breakfast at noon?

We can tell if you’re more likely have turned your bed into conference call HQ or if you’re still putting on a suit everyday with just a few questions. It’s like a horoscope, but for work from home productivity.

Take our quiz to find out your personal work from home style. Then, use the results to find the perfect productivity tools for your brand of remote working.

Source: Quiz: What’s Your Work From Home Style?

Eco-Friendly Home with Evapolar

Evapolar Blog – 1.19.21 (1.18.21)

We don’t know how long it’ll take us to go back to our offices. However, the world has definitely changed. We will be working from home more and more. You have probably already noticed the difference in your electricity bill, as compared to when you weren’t home all day. Imagine the «before and after» for the planet with all the heating, cooling, and cooking devices plugged in all day long!

Source: Eco-Friendly Home with Evapolar

Stylish Displays for Working from Home and Entertainment

Lenovo YouTube Channel – 1.13.21 (1.11.21)


Work, learn, and play in style on the new Lenovo L Series monitors. With up to 27″ FHD in-plane switching (IPS) display provides distortion-free picture at any angle, and at 7.1mm, it’s thinner than most smartphones. You’ll also enjoy a neater workspace with its integrated phone holder and concealed cable management. Also, TÜV Rheinland Eye Comfort filters harmful blue light rays from your eyes during long spells of screen time—while Lenovo Artery software optimizes performance of the monitor and your desktop.

Source: Stylish Displays for Working from Home and Entertainment

6 Health Tips For Working From Home

Avast Blog – 1.13.21 (1.11.21)

It’s been almost a year since we started staying home because of the pandemic. It’s upended not just our everyday lives, but also our professional ones. As we hunker down to work at home, we lower our risk of exposure to coronavirus, but are we also increasing our risk for work-related injuries and other health problems?

Source: 6 Health Tips For Working From Home | Avast

Breakout Rooms: Now available in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Blog – 1.12.21

There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to classroom learning. That’s why Microsoft Teams is excited to offer Breakout Rooms to help teachers create meaningful connections through smaller, more comfortable group settings. The new feature allows you to easily divide students into separate groups to facilitate discussions, encourage participation, and foster collaboration.

Source: Breakout Rooms: Now available in Microsoft Teams

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