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Microsoft Teams | More ways to be a team

Microsoft YouTube Channel – 8.28.20


See all the new ways to work together on Microsoft Teams. Now you can join your team in the same virtual room with Together Mode, you can see up to 49 people at a time in Large Gallery View, and you can collaborate live on the same page with Whiteboard.

Source: Microsoft Teams | More ways to be a team

Introduction to Quadro View Desktop Management Software

PNY Blog – 8.17.20 (8.14.20)

NVIDIA® Quadro View™ is a Desktop Management software utility designed by NVIDIA to help creative professionals manage single or multi-monitor workspaces with ease, giving you maximum flexibility and control over your display real estate and the ability to create multiple virtual desktops optimized for specific tasks. In this blog, we will cover the Quadro View installation process and discuss the benefits of deploying Quadro View on NVIDIA Quadro equipped workstations.

Source: Introduction to Quadro View Desktop Management Software

ThirdEye’s X2 MR Glasses

ThirdEye YouTube Channel – 7.27.20 (7.23.20)


ThirdEye’s X2 MR Glasses are a wearable computing solution that project live digital information into your physical environment, creating a new augmented reality for users. Our end-to-end solution is building connected workforces for the enterprise space, most notably in healthcare, field service, and manufacturing.

Source: ThirdEye’s X2 MR Glasses

10 Health & Ergonomic Culprits to Fix in your Office Now

HealthPostures Blog – 7.24.20 (7.22.20)

When you walk into your office, do you feel energized or drained?  What about after working from your desk for an hour or two, or for a day?  Here are some health and ergonomic problems that you may not realize are affecting your health or productivity.


Source: 10 Health & Ergonomic Culprits to Fix in your Office Now

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