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Google Play’s Best of 2020

Google Blog – 12.1.20 

This year, the world came together over games, apps, movies and books, even when we were apart. Together, Google Play fans dove into four new and compelling novellas in “If It Bleeds,” as each took us intriguing places with the master of horror himself, Stephen King. We took one last ride with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the third installment of the “Bad Boys” universe. We embarked on a relaxing journey with “Loóna,” the app that guided us to better sleep through immersive stories. We also explored new lands as games like “Genshin Impact” gave us a stunning peek into the world of Teyvat. These titles are part of Google Play’s Best of 2020, and there are even more games and apps to celebrate.

Source: Google Play’s Best of 2020

Headphones You Can Build

Kano YouTube Channel – 12.1.20 (11.30.20)


Build your own headphones. Create, not just consume, technology. Kano was born from the challenge of 6-year-old Micah ‘I want to make a computer but it needs to be as easy and fun as Lego, so nobody has to teach me’. 4 years later Kano is present in more than 1000 schools and educational programs, with more than 150.000 kits distributed to 80+ countries around the globe.

Source: Headphones You Can Build

Gadgets every vacation rental host should consider buying

igloohome co. Blog – 12.1.20 (11.30.20)


From booking platforms like Airbnb and to itinerary planning apps like TripIt, there’s an increasing amount of people utilising a spectrum of tech tools to ease the burden of organising a vacation.

On that note, it’s not surprising that travelers are expecting their vacation accommodation to add tech solutions into the mix.

Source: Gadgets every vacation rental host should consider buying

Q-Series Soundbar: Made for QLED

Samsung YouTube Channel – 12.1.20 (11.30.20)


Multi-dimensional cinematic audio. Adaptive Sound that optimizes dialogue and audio to any scene. Cutting-edge Q-Symphony technology that syncs with Samsung QLED speakers for fuller, more immersive sound. If there’s anything that could match the incredible picture quality of your QLED, the Q-Series must be it.

Source: Q-Series Soundbar: Made for QLED 

3 Benefits of Wearing Blue Light Glasses

TouchPoint Blog – 12.1.20 (11.30.20)

While 2020 has decreased a lot of things in our lives, there is one thing that it has increased – staring at our screens! Whether working from home or spending more time on screens to check in via Zoom or other methods, our eyes are being exposed to more blue light than ever before. Which is why blue light glasses have become a huge trend to many. But are they worth it? Certainly, and here are 3 benefits to wearing your blue light blockers.

Source: 3 Benefits of Wearing Blue Light Glasses

TikTok Privacy Refresh

Avast Blog – 12.1.20 (11.30.20)

If there’s been one big winner of lockdown, it’s TikTok. One of the newest — and certainly most successful — social media apps to hit the scene, the app went from relative obscurity to household name as people found themselves stuck inside. Bored and with nothing else to do, kids, teens, moms, dads, and even grandmas turned to app formerly known as to create quick, fun videos together.

Source: TikTok Privacy Refresh | Avast

Safer Online Shopping

Avast Blog – 11.30.20 (11.26.20)

These days, as online shopping continues to rise and rise in popularity, people hand over the credit card info to a huge range of websites. Granted, security for e-commerce and online payment has also gotten better, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still gaps in security. Plus, there’s the added threat of data breaches, which means that even large retailers aren’t always a safe place to do your shopping.

Source: Safer Online Shopping | Avast

Introducing the Smart Mortise 2+ with fingerprint access

igloohome Blog – 11.30.20 (11.26.20)

You asked, we delivered. The igloohome Smart Mortise 2+ features the highly requested fingerprint access you’ve been waiting for!

Complementary to our modern and hectic lifestyles, the Smart Mortise 2+ is the epitome of living smarter lives. Access is truly now at your fingertips, you’ll never worry about forgotten or lost keys again.

Source: Introducing the Smart Mortise 2+ with fingerprint access

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