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Your Personal Vision Tracker App Just Got a Major Update

EyeQue Blog – 3.30.20 (3.25.20)

We’re listening! Thanks to your valuable feedback, we’ve made major updates to the Personal Vision Tracker app including new features that makes vision testing and tracking easier than ever before.  

Source: Your Personal Vision Tracker App Just Got a Major Update  | Vision Test From Home

Homeschooling resources on YouTube and helpful homeschooling tech

NewEgg Blog – 3.30.20 (3.26.20)

Crash Course Kids

With the ongoing lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders, kids and parents all over the country are having to learn about homeschooling in a hurry. It isn’t easy putting together lessons, making them educational and entertaining, all while juggling daily life, but we’re here to help.

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Stadia Savepoint: March updates

Google Blog – 3.30.20

We’re back with another update in our Stadia Savepoint series, providing a summary of recent news on Stadia.

This month we added seven new games to the Stadia store including DOOM Eternal and Lost Words: Beyond the Page, a First on Stadia title. With Serious Sam Collection, Spitlings and Stacks On Stacks (On Stacks) being added to Stadia Pro on April 1, subscribers can claim and build their library of games, playing for free as part of their subscription.

Full Post: Stadia Savepoint: March updates

The Digital Experience Conference Goes Digital: You’re Invited to Adobe Summit 2020 Online

Adobe Blog – 3.30.20

While we won’t be getting together in person this week in Las Vegas, we’re excited to bring Adobe Summit to you, no matter where you are.

This year, the Digital Experience Conference has gone digital-only, ensuring we still deliver high-quality content, cutting-edge technology, diverse customer use cases, and innovative industry breakout sessions. Whether it’s online or in person, this content will help you redefine and transform the way you do business in the experience era.

Full Post: The Digital Experience Conference Goes Digital: You’re Invited to Adobe Summit 2020 Online

Microsoft Edge: it’s time to expect more from the web

Microsoft YouTube Channel – 3.30.20


Introducing the all new Microsoft Edge, a web browser that gives you the privacy, productivity and value you want while you browse.  Available on Windows, Android, macOS and iOS, Microsoft Edge delivers enhanced privacy settings, world-class performance and more. Expect more from your browser. Get more from the web.

Source: Microsoft Edge: it’s time to expect more from the web

Shokz School: 3 Easy Headphone Pro-Tips

AfterShokz Blog – 3.30.20

Put your invisible genius caps on, #ShokzSquad! Welcome to Shokz School, a new blog series featuring a variety of different quick hacks for using your AfterShokz Bluetooth headphones (and your Xtrainerz, too!) like a pro. If these tips seem familiar, it’s because we’ve culled through some of our previous blog and support posts to find some of the scoops you may have missed in the past.

Full Post: Shokz School: 3 Easy Headphone Pro-Tips

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