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Download Tablo Recordings to your Android Device with ota2GO

Tablo Blog – 1.22.19 (1.17.19)

I’ve been a Tablo owner, fan, and advocate from the moment the original 4-Tuner Tablo OTA DVR came out.

I love the savings, simplicity, reliability, compatibility with so many devices, and especially Tablo Connect which lets me watch my DVR from outside my home.

Yet there is one type of user that Tablo hasn’t specifically targeted yet: the commuter.

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The Dell Experience at CES 2019

Dell YouTube Channel – 1.22.19 (1.18.19)


Exceptionally innovative products were introduced at #CES2019. From the eye-catching new XPS 13 with Dell Cinema to the cutting edge new Alienware Area-51m, everyone found a new favorite at the #DellExperience space. Thanks for another memorable time, Vegas.

Source: The Dell Experience at CES 2019

Incipio: Smart Material, Smart Design™

Incipio YouTube Channel – 1.22.19 (1.17.19)


True innovation doesn’t work alone. For us, it’s not only about the technologically advanced materials we create (like our brand-new FortiCore™) or how our cases are structured, but how they intelligently work together to bring forth the best of its kind. Take a behind-the-scenes look into our testing and the quality of our materials within the cases you use every day.

Source: Incipio: Smart Material, Smart Design

12 audiobooks to make you LOL on the subway

Kobo Blog – 1.22.19 (1.21.19)

Commuting on the subway (or even by car) doesn’t usually lead to laughter or mirth. These twelve audiobooks are here to change all that by making you laugh so hard your fellow commuters will wonder what you’re listening to. From celebrity musings to dark comedy to science, there’s something to tickle anyone’s funny bone. Put your headphones on and cackle in the face of train delays, equipment failures, and crowds.

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Technology that Protects Your Child

Samsung YouTube Channel – 1.22.19 (1.18.19)


We often forget important things because of the various stresses we receive in our daily lives. If I forget something related to my child’s safety, It could lead to a terrible accident. But Chicco BebèCare Solution, which was created through the collaboration of Samsung and children’s products manufacturer Chicco, will help you to take care of your child safely.

Source: Technology that Protects Your Child

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