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Introducing: the Eight Sleep Pod

Eight Sleep Blog – 2.14.19 (2.13.19)

We founded Eight Sleep four years ago, with the mission to leverage technology to improve sleep performance. Thanks to the thousands of customers who have joined us on this journey, we’ve collected more than 43 million hours of sleep data and learned a tremendous amount about what factors keep people up at night.

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The Best Health Apps For My Apple Watch

ShapeScale Blog – 2.12.19

Health and fitness is all about long term and sustainable goals supported by daily habits. So what better way to support your healthy lifestyle than by having a handy helper that you already wear every day. We’ve gathered up the best of what the App Store has to offer in health and fitness. From the gym enthusiast to the yogi to the heart health conscious, you’ll find an Apple Watch App for that.

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10 Tips for Managing Chronic Pain

Oska Wellness Blog – 2.12.19

Everyone experiences pain from time to time, but for over 100 million Americans, chronic pain is a daily struggle. If you regularly battle chronic pain, you know that finding a pain management solution can be challenging and that what may work for some may not work for you. While everyone experiences pain differently, we’ve pulled together our top 10 tips for managing chronic pain independent of or alongside treatments prescribed by your doctor. We believe multi-disciplinary, multimodal care is essential to pain relief, and these are just a few of the available avenues for relieving pain using harm-free, self-administered restorative therapies, and self-love.

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Better Sleep, Better Everything from Wit & Delight

Sleep Number Blog – 2.11.19 (2.10.19)

I used to be really proud of how little sleep I needed to function. I would brag about feeling bright-eyed and full of energy on 4 hours of sleep. It was one of my secrets to productivity— that I could power through the fatigue until I couldn’t recognize I was tired. That was until my body revolted, my adrenals crashed, and along with it, my productivity and willpower.

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