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The Benefits of Evening Exercise

Fitbit Blog – 4.17.19 (4.15.19)

It’s one of those statements you’ve probably heard time and time again: The best time to exercise is in the morning. It makes sense: You get it done before your day gets too busy or other obligations arise. But while a.m. workouts might be best for some people, others just can’t get themselves to hop out of bed bright and early and squeeze in a trip to the gym before work. For them, a nighttime sweat session might be more appealing. And despite the commonly-held belief that late workouts can leave exercisers feeling too amped to rest, it seems p.m. activity doesn’t necessarily equate to disturbed sleep.

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The health risk in your pocket

Puro Sound Labs Blog – 4.15.19 (4.14.19)

We all like to think that we take care of our own health, and socially the health of our children, but there are some hidden risks to health that not everyone is aware of, and one of them is in your pocket almost everywhere you go. Whether its music, video or games, your smartphone, tablet or music device could be causing harm to you and your children’s health.

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The Best Ways to Organize Your Refrigerator

iFit Blog – 4.15.19 (4.4.19)

One key component of eating healthy that is often overlooked is organization. I am not talking about meal planning (although that helps), but organizing your pantry and fridge to make a healthy choice an easy choice. This post is all about how to organize your fridge, so you can make healthier food choices and avoid food waste.

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How Technology Can Help To Get Killer Abs

ShapeScale Blog – 4.12.19 (4.11.19)

This week, the 20 Minute Fitness crew really starts to get ready for summer. Because the #1 summer must-have that will never go out of fashion is your abs. So on today’s episode Charlie gets into some magical products that can help with building the abs of your dreams this summer.

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