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Unboxing the Withings BPM Connect: Easy and accurate blood pressure readings at home

Withings YouTube Channel – 9.7.23


Simple and easy to use, the Withings BPM Connect is something Chad and his whole family use to track their blood pressure. The unboxing tells it all, a simple compact device and brief instructions means an easy setup for immediate use. Park yourself on the couch, or wherever you can feel relaxed and this wireless blood pressure monitor gets to work in the press of a button. The device can be set up for multiple users, and each person gets their data saved in their own profile in the app for easy tracking. Chad uses the Withings BPM Connect for its accuracy, portability, and ease of use. It gives him and his family quick, easy readings making this an absolute winner in their book.

Source: Unboxing the Withings BPM Connect: Easy & accurate blood pressure readings at home

Reveal the secrets of your sleep with Withings Sleep Analyzer

Withings YouTube Channel – 9.7.23


After suffering from fitful sleep, Dana decided to get the Withings Sleep Analyzer to get real info and insights on her sleep. The Withings Sleep Analyzer tracks total duration of sleep, time spent in REM sleep and light sleep, interruptions and snoring. But it goes beyond that and tracks heart rate and disturbances in your breathing. Dana shows how easy it is to get started with the Sleep Analyzer, and how unobtrusive it is. Simply slide it under your mattress so it’s about where your chest would be, plug it in, open the app to connect the device, and you’re ready to start tracking your sleep!

Source: Reveal the secrets of your sleep with Withings Sleep Analyzer

Tips on How Long to Use Pulsetto Device

Pulsetto YouTube Channel – 9.1.23


For optimal results we recommend 2-3 Pulsetto sessions per day. One of the most amazing things about using a Pulsetto device is that you can easily continue with your daily activities while wearing Pulsetto. Don’t forget that in activating Vagus nerve, the consistency leads to the best outcome! And Pulsetto is an ultimate Vagus nerve stimulator on the market that is going to change your life.

Source: Tips on How Long to Use Pulsetto Device

Only Human

Sensate Blog – 8.14.23 (8.13.23)

Whilst human beings may have, as far as we know, the most complex nervous system and biochemical components in the universe, humans are also unique in having higher consciousness, which is both the source of our inspiration as well as the origin of our unique ability to generate suffering. It is helpful to think of humans as having two nervous systems – a primitive reflex nervous system evolved as a survival response and a complex higher system that enables interpretation, including descriptive language, art, thoughts and feelings.

Source: Only Human

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