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Lime Joins New Alliance To Accelerate Transition To Electric Vehicles

Lime Blog – 1.22.20

Lime joins the Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance as a founding member alongside industry leaders including Amazon, AT&T, DHL, and IKEA North America. The Alliance has been formed to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles and improve policy, a key component of tackling the climate crisis.

Source: Lime Joins New Alliance To Accelerate Transition To Electric Vehicles

Onewheel: 2019 Highlight Reel

Onewheel YouTube Channel – 11.21.19 (11.20.19)


People are having too much dang fun on Onewheels and we love it. 2019 was a year of epic adventures, tons of first time riders (including some dogs), and countless pure-joy moments. We launched a new product called Pint and everybody loves it, threw a party in The Most Boring Town in America and watched as folks took riding Onewheels to hights we could never imagine. These recap videos always put a smile on our faces and we hope Onewheel puts a smile on yours.

Source: Onewheel: 2019 was a wild ride…

The Arcimoto FUV: Joy Meets Ride

Arcimoto YouTube Channel – 11.19.19 (11.14.19)


The Fun Utility Vehicle is designed to make your daily drive a joyride, with instant torque from its dual electric motors, a quiet ride, and flexible storage for your stuff. You’ve never felt such a thrill from a vehicle with such a small footprint.

Source: The Arcimoto FUV: Joy Meets Ride

Welcome To The AMP

Arcimoto YouTube Channel – 8.16.19 (8.14.19)


Join our very own Customer Experience Manager Joe Morgan for a video tour of the AMP, the Arcimoto Manufacturing Plant, here in Eugene, Oregon. More than just our home and headquarters, the AMP is where we build the future of sustainable transportation, the Fun Utility Vehicle. Have a look around!

Source: Welcome To The AMP

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