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Electric Bikes vs. Regular Bikes

Swagtron Blog – 7.13.20 (7.10.20)

Nearly noiselessly, electric bikes are starting to transform personal transportation across the world. These quiet and surprisingly swift devices have become a primary commute option in many areas of Asia, and the total market is valued at an estimated $15.42B worldwide. Why are electric bikes taking a dominant role in personal transportation? Several reasons:

Source: Electric Bikes vs. Regular Bikes 

Are Electric Bikes Any Good?

Swagtron Blog – 7.9.20 (7.8.20)

As anyone who remembers Vine, Disco or pre-ripped, stonewash jeans knows, fads don’t come and go, they morph, change with the times. Vine becomes TikTok. Disco becomes House Music, then shifts again into EDM. Pre-ripped jeans . . . well . . . maybe not pre-ripped jeans. (Perhaps some fads actually do fade into obscurity.) You might be inclined to think eBikes are one such fad, destined to be as forgotten as the Pet Rock™.

Source: Are Electric Bikes Any Good?

How to Onewheel Off Road: Trail Riding Tricks and Tips!

Onewheel YouTube Channel – 4.27.20


Onewheels can ride off road over any terrain and riding trails is about as fun as it gets. It’s the closest experience to that powder day snowboarding feeling. Here are 5 tips to help you get off the payment and out into nature!

Source: How to Onewheel Off Road: Trail Riding Tricks and Tips!

How Much Does an Electric Bike Cost?

Swagtron Blog – 4.27.20

Electric bikes are great options for those who want to stay active while reducing their dependence on cars. All without becoming workout warriors. While biking is a great form of exercise, most people are not physically ready to trade their vehicles in for bikes right away. Bicycling has many known benefits, including improved health, cost savings and a deeper connection with the community. The one thing that often stops potential bikers is the anticipated cost of an electric bike.

Full Post: How Much Does an Electric Bike Cost?

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