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ENVY x360 15 Product Overview

HP YouTube Channel – 6.26.19 (6.24.19)


No matter where life takes you, stay secure on-the-go with the ENVY x360 that adapts to all parts of your day. With cutting-edge security features, a sleek design, and a 360° hinge for finding the perfect position – this PC is ready for anything.

Source: ENVY x360 15 Product Overview | HP ENVY | HP

Simple Powerful Wireless Battery Charging

i-BLADES Blog – 6.24.19 (6.21.19)


The i-BLADES Smartcase with its wireless charging battery and sdCard Smartblade is the best solution for your charging needs.  It gives you snap-on power when you need it and then you can remove it.  No more hassles with cables and heavy power banks when you need to juice up your phone on the go.

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Embr Wave: Your Own Personal Thermostat

Embr Labs YouTube Channel – 6.24.19 (6.20.19)


Embr Wave is the first wearable that helps you feel cooler or warmer with the press of a button. Embr Wave’s patented technology cools or warms the temperature-sensitive skin on your wrist in waves, creating a natural response that makes you feel 5°F more comfortable overall. When you’re uncomfortable, stressed out, or too hot to sleep, activate Embr Wave to chill out or keep warm Own your temperature with Embr Wave

Source: Embr Wave: Your Own Personal Thermostat

Apex Legends New Weapon – The L-STAR

PlayStation YouTube Channel – 6.24.19 (6.21.19)


Eyes on the skies, Legends – it’s time to catch a shooting STAR. The L-STAR energy-based light machine gun is dropping into the arena, and its hefty plasma projectiles will help you melt the competition. Sustained fire causes it to overheat, but if you time your shots right, you’ll take your enemies down before it even starts to heat up.

Source: Apex Legends New Weapon – The L-STAR

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