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JOBY HandyPod

JOBY YouTube Channel – 11.19.18 (11.15.18)

HandyPod is a mini tripod for content creators looking for a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use support system. It helps you to flawlessly capture challenging video shots that are steady and smooth. Don’t need the tripod legs? Use it with the legs closed to capture professional-looking videos that are sure to stand out. The push-button mechanism enables to position and lock the ball head in one rapid, intuitive movement and to move it into portrait position.

Source: JOBY HandyPod

Dell Launches New Laptop Built just for Small Businesses

Dell Blog – 11.15.18 (11.13.18)

Dell recognizes that small businesses have unique needs when it comes to their technology. With businesses recognizing that technology is no longer just PART of their strategy but central to their business model, those businesses have begun to identify exactly which PC features will lend to their most success while being mindful of a price point that is feasible for their budgets.

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Introducing Roku Touch

Roku YouTube Channel – 11.15.18 (11.13.18)


With touch-to-talk voice control, programmable presets, and tabletop design, the new Roku Touch™ is an easy way to control music and more on your Roku TV and Roku TV Wireless Speakers. Simply place it on your kitchen counter, desk, or in any space nearby. Then, press and hold the mic button to say things like, “Play jazz.”

Source: Introducing Roku Touch

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