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Grab your crew – Among Us drops on PS4 and PS5 this year

PlayStation Blog – 5.5.21 (4.29.21)

Think you can trust your friends? Think again!  Our social deception game, Among Us, is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 later this year. Hop aboard the spaceship with 4-10 players via online play and get to work. Just don’t forget there may be one or more impostors on board ready to sabotage your work and take a deadly swipe at you.

Source: Grab your crew – Among Us drops on PS4 and PS5 this year

Meet the Roku Wireless Speakers | Model #9020 (2021)

Roku YouTube Channel – 5.4.21


Give your entertainment the premium sound it deserves. Roku Wireless Speakers are the easy way to upgrade the sound of your Roku TV™ or add surround sound to your Roku audio system.Two speakers work in harmony to create a rich soundscape with room-filling audio, crystal clear dialogue, and dynamic bass. Bring your music to life with vibrant harmonies and expansive range. Roku Wireless Speakers work with your current Roku remote and wirelessly pair to your Roku TV, Roku Smart Soundbar, or Roku® Streambar™in a few quick steps.

Source: Meet the Roku Wireless Speakers | Model #9020 (2021)

GoPro: Introducing 3-Way 2.0 | The Ultimate 3-in-1 Mount

GoPro YouTube Channel – 5.4.21


Introducing 3-Way 2.0 🤳 Get more capture options with a lot less gear. The 3-in-1 design transforms into an extension arm for selfies or follow shots, an ergonomic camera grip, or a tripod. The new built-in ball joint even lets you swivel the camera 360° and tilt it 90° for vertical capture.

Source: GoPro: Introducing 3-Way 2.0 | The Ultimate 3-in-1 Mount

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