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Introducing the ROKiT Phone with Glasses-Free 3D!

ROKiT YouTube Channel – 11.27.19 (11.26.19)


The screens on these Android unlocked 4G LTE smartphones have glasses-free built-in 3D capability. They work with GSM carriers, and feature expandable storage, a fingerprint sensor, and support dual SIM. Buy your ROKiT iO phone now!

Source: Introducing the ROKiT Phone with Glasses-Free 3D!

five things to know about the new motorola razr

Motorola Blog – 11.23.19 (11.15.19)

Innovation is part of Motorola’s DNA. That’s why we reinvented the razrⓇ as a modern smartphone that folds completely. But we also believe that every innovation should serve a practical purpose for consumers. The new razr is packed with new features and functionality that take advantage of the unique form factor. From top to bottom and inside to outside, the new razr is impressively engineered and full of surprises we know you’ll love.

Source: five things to know about the new motorola razr

new razr: reinvention of an icon

Motorola Blog – 11.22.19 (11.13.19)

Motorola unveils an evolution of the flippable cell phone that marked a generation: RAZR, a fashion icon that defined a part of pop culture. The new motorola razrⓇ is the first-ever clamshell-style flexible display smartphone that, impossibly, folds completely, bringing an instantly familiar yet totally unique, mobile consumer experience.

Source: new razr: reinvention of an icon

Here Are 5 Phones That Even You Can’t Break

Puls Blog – 11.22.19

Let’s just admit something openly right here: Our cell phones are among our most prized possessions. Our phones help us keep track of our day-to-day activities, redirect us when we’re lost in a new city, and let us spy on our former high school BFF who is now heavily involved in a multilevel marketing company. So, when you drop your phone on the ground and it shatters the glass (making it a finger hazard) or it accidentally falls into a pool of water from the back pocket of your jeans, it can be a devastating blow.

Source: Here Are 5 Phones That Even You Can’t Break

OnePlus – The Perfect Shot with Dave Fogarty

OnePlus YouTube Channel – 11.22.19 (11.21.19)


Photography isn’t a sport but it is all about winning, and the prize is a perfect shot! Stay ready for every moment, because the truth is, you don’t take pictures, pictures take you! 📷 Dave Fogarty is a commercial photographer based out of Dublin. He’s worked with top athletes such as Conor McGregor and artists like Post Malone and Quavo and carries his OnePlus with him for all his adventures.

Source: OnePlus – The Perfect Shot with Dave Fogarty

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