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Get Up to 67% Faster External Drive Performance With Your M1 Mac!

OWC Blog – 5.5.21 (5.4.21)

Testing products is a way of life here at OWC and has been nearly from day one. Our product development team is constantly taking a deeper look at Apple products and our own to see if we can uncover some hidden potential to help you get more from your technology investment. From performance benchmarking to inform you of your “best-bang-for-the-buck” OWC upgrade to determining which Macs can have double the amount of RAM than what the factory supports, you can count on OWC to be your trusted source for key insights.

Source: Get Up to 67% Faster External Drive Performance With Your M1 Mac!

Top Photographer’s Tips for Taking Kids’ Pictures

NETGEAR Blog – 5.4.21

Georgi Richardson is a celebrated photographer and the owner of Maggie Marguerite, a highly-sought-after events photography studio in New York city. Her work has been featured on Good Morning America, and in The New York Times, New York Magazine, and many more.

Source: Top Photographer’s Tips for Taking Kids’ Pictures

Tips for Keeping Your Home’s Electrical System Safe

Puls Blog – 5.3.21

Electricity is an essential element in your home that keeps the house warm, charges phones, powers up appliances, and so much more. However, electricity comes with several risks. That is why every homeowner needs to take precautionary measures in ensuring that the household is safe from electrical dangers. Here are several tips to keep your home free from electrical hazards.

Source: Tips for Keeping Your Home’s Electrical System Safe

Bad Cord Cutting Gear Smart Consumers Should Avoid

Tablo Blog – 5.1.21 (4.29.21)

When it comes to tech toys, we all have different needs and preferences. Thankfully, cord cutters have a wide variety of quality gear to choose from.

But there are many second-rate or out-of-date gadgets which can lead to a bad experience for unsuspecting consumers.

Source: Bad Cord Cutting Gear Smart Consumers Should Avoid

What is HDMI 2.1 and Do You Need It?

NewEgg Blog – 2.8.21 (2.3.21)

The march of technology presses ever forward, carrying content and hardware with it. One such advancement seeing greater and greater representation in the market is HDMI 2.1. HDMI has been transmitting our sound and video data for years, and while it has come a long way from where it started, HDMI 2.1 advances the transmission technology much farther. This might have you worried that you’re missing out on an amazing viewing experience unless you rush out to buy all new HDMI equipment. HDMI 2.1 is definitely the wave of the future, but is it right for you here in the present? Let’s find out.

Source: What is HDMI 2.1 and Do You Need It? – Newegg Insider

Nanoleaf Essentials: Your Smart Lighting Basics

Nanoleaf YouTube Channel – 11.30.20 (11.27.20)


Nanoleaf Essentials are your not-so-basic smart lighting basics. The first two products in the line—the A19 Bulb and Lightstrips—are the first of their kind to work with Thread technology for a wider control range and no dropped connection with improved reliability like you’ve never seen before. Enjoy the brightest white lighting for your day-to-day or splashes of RGB colors that set the perfect mood anytime. Use your Essentials with the standard Bluetooth, or with Thread for a next-level smart lighting experience.

Source: Nanoleaf Essentials: Your Smart Lighting Basics

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