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Mapping Rainbows with Google My Maps

Google YouTube Channel – 5.1.20 (4.29.20)


As kids in Brooklyn drew rainbows and hung them in their windows, Anna Grotzky created a Google My Map to help parents and other kids find them on their daily walks. The map now includes over 3,500 rainbows across six continents and has become a global message of encouragement. Learn how people around the world are creating custom My Maps to bring people closer together:

Source: Mapping Rainbows with Google My Maps

The Solar Table That Charges Your Phone… And Everything Else

GoSun Blog – 2.11.20 (2.5.20)

GoSun is always innovating to provide you with more independence. That’s why we developed the Solar Table-60, a table topped with a 60-watt solar panel that turns your surface into a power plant that charges your phone, your solar oven, your battery bank, or any other USB-enabled electronic device.

Source: The Solar Table That Charges Your Phone… And Everything Else

Solar Phone Chargers For Power Outages

GoSun Newsroom – 2.7.20 (2.3.20)

Smartphones, even if at 100 percent battery, can go dead in a day, which is far less time than it takes for the power grid to be restored in the worst natural disasters. With that in mind, here are solar-powered devices we recommended using to make sure your cell phone has endless battery life. Some of these solar phone chargers will top off your phone. Others produce enough electricity to power your phone, lights, and even a battery-powered cooler.
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