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GoPro: HERO9 Black | 5K Footage

GoPro YouTube Channel – 9.18.20


A beastly 23.6MP sensor means more pixels, but how many exactly? Try 7x more than HD. That’s over 50% more resolution than 4K. ?? Showcase serious detail, even while zoomed in, then freeze the action with clear 14.7MP frame grabs. 5K capture also supports #HyperSmooth 3.0, in-camera Horizon Leveling, + encodes at a high video bit rate of up to 100Mbps for lifelike image sharpness + fluid motion. Stressed about storage? Using High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), we’re able to shrink file sizes without compromising image quality, making space for more memories on your SD card. ?

Source: GoPro: HERO9 Black | 5K Footage

Mapping Rainbows with Google My Maps

Google YouTube Channel – 5.1.20 (4.29.20)


As kids in Brooklyn drew rainbows and hung them in their windows, Anna Grotzky created a Google My Map to help parents and other kids find them on their daily walks. The map now includes over 3,500 rainbows across six continents and has become a global message of encouragement. Learn how people around the world are creating custom My Maps to bring people closer together:

Source: Mapping Rainbows with Google My Maps

The Solar Table That Charges Your Phone… And Everything Else

GoSun Blog – 2.11.20 (2.5.20)

GoSun is always innovating to provide you with more independence. That’s why we developed the Solar Table-60, a table topped with a 60-watt solar panel that turns your surface into a power plant that charges your phone, your solar oven, your battery bank, or any other USB-enabled electronic device.

Source: The Solar Table That Charges Your Phone… And Everything Else

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