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WiFi 6 Comes to Orbi at IFA 2019

NETGEAR Blog – 9.6.19

NETGEAR is in Berlin at IFA 2019 this week, and we’re excited to see what innovations the industry announces, but we are also excited to announce a few of our own.   Our products always set the bar for performance, and this year is no different!

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The Future of WiFi

NETGEAR Blog – 8.19.19 (8.17.19)

As a species, we all have some basic human needs. Food, shelter, clothing, and love are certainly at the top of the list.

However, these days, this list could reasonably be expanded to include WiFi. Access to the internet is no longer a luxury that only a few require, for minutes at a time. For many of us, the internet has replaced our encyclopedias, our televisions, our radios, our diaries, our maps, and even our traditional higher education schooling.  WiFi enables us to work from home, lower our carbon footprint, and manage daily tasks and our work/life balance.

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Cellular Signal Strength vs Speed: Boost your Mobile Performance

SureCall Blog – 8.8.19 (8.7.19)

We’ve all been there before, you’re in a walled or remote area and you’re waving your cell phone in the air as you watch it struggle to maintain 1-bar signal strength. It sure seems like every smartphone on this planet has adopted the 1-5 bar signal strength meter as the #1 and only judge of your connectivity to the rest of the world. However, we’re going to demonstrate why signal strength doesn’t tell you the full picture, and how signal quality, otherwise known as signal speed, is a more useful measurement of your cellular connection.

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What are Bluetooth Codecs and what do they mean?

1MORE USA Blog – 8.5.19

You’re most likely thinking, yeah Bluetooth! Well, Bluetooth is the hardware that helps in wirelessly transmitting music to your audio device, there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes when you listen to music with your Bluetooth audio device whether it be your Bluetooth headphones or speakers.


The Freedom to Game with the Nighthawk Pro Gaming Mesh WiFi System

NETGEAR Blog – 7.23.19 (7.22.19)

Here at NETGEAR, our Nighthawk Pro Gaming line of routers have been appreciated by gamers around the world. Utilizing the gaming-specific Duma OS, the Nighthawk Pro Gaming line has helped gamers reduce their ping, eliminate their lag, and upgrade their overall gaming experience.

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