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Is Telegram a secure messenger?

Kaspersky Blog – 1.19.23

Telegram’s developers position their product as safe and protected. But in practice that’s not entirely true: the reality is that Telegram has a number of quirks that make protecting your messages a little tricky, and it’s got nothing to do with the complexities of cryptography, but with much more prosaic stuff. Let’s take a look at some rather dubious features in both the messenger’s interface and general logic that make it less secure than is commonly believed.

Source: Is Telegram a secure messenger?

What is application security?

NordVPN Blog – 11.30.22

Application security (AppSec) is the process of securing applications against external threats by finding and fixing security vulnerabilities. AppSec includes hardware, software, and software security procedures (e.g., application security testing) businesses use to identify and tackle flaws in the system. Learn more about AppSec and why it’s crucial for organizations.

Source: What is application security?

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