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New ways to save, commute and manage money with Google Pay

Google Blog – 5.1.21 (4.29.21)

Last year, we launched a reimagined Google Pay to be a safe, simple and helpful way to pay and manage your finances. The app is full of ways to pay friends and businesses, save with offers and rewards and stay on top of your money. Today, we are announcing three ways to help you save money on groceries, pay for transit fares in more cities and better understand your spending.

Source: New ways to save, commute and manage money with Google Pay

Best Free Fitness Apps For Home Workouts

AfterShokz – 1.26.21 (1.25.21)

The status of local gyms and fitness centers are unpredictable at the moment, leaving many people without a workout space. Although in-person facilities may not be as readily available, there is no shortage of free fitness apps available to help you make any space your own personal gym. Read on for our top free workout apps to help you crush your 2021 fitness goals at home or on-the-go.

Source: Best Free Fitness Apps For Home Workouts

Google Play’s Best of 2020

Google Blog – 12.1.20 

This year, the world came together over games, apps, movies and books, even when we were apart. Together, Google Play fans dove into four new and compelling novellas in “If It Bleeds,” as each took us intriguing places with the master of horror himself, Stephen King. We took one last ride with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the third installment of the “Bad Boys” universe. We embarked on a relaxing journey with “Loóna,” the app that guided us to better sleep through immersive stories. We also explored new lands as games like “Genshin Impact” gave us a stunning peek into the world of Teyvat. These titles are part of Google Play’s Best of 2020, and there are even more games and apps to celebrate.

Source: Google Play’s Best of 2020

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