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Not Just Talk: How Mobile Storage Keeps Pace with Smart Phones 

Western Digital Blog – 7.23.21 (7.17.21)

The first mobile phones weighed a few pounds, sported an awkward antenna, and were the size of a small briefcase. Today’s mobile devices tout the ability to quickly upload photos while on vacation, verify owner identity by fingerprint or facial recognition, or make a purchase while simultaneously streaming a movie. These features and technologies are so ingrained into our daily lives, we often take them for granted.

Source: Not Just Talk: How Mobile Storage Keeps Pace with Smart Phones

The Next Game-Changer Is in the Cloud

Western Digital Blog – 3.8.21 (3.3.21)

The Next Game-Changer Is in the Cloud

The most-played game of the 2000s was not Wii Sports, Grand Theft Auto, or The Sims. It was Minesweeper. The boxed minefields came preloaded on Windows starting in 1992, when the game was so mesmerizing that Bill Gates used to sneak into his friend’s office just to play. The original function of Minesweeper was to teach players how to use right- and left-click, but it was beloved decades beyond providing mastery of this skill. Microsoft didn’t remove Minesweeper until Windows 8 was released in 2012, at which point another game had taken the throne: an intriguingly purposeless indie sandbox called Minecraft.

Source: The Next Game-Changer Is in the Cloud

7 Tips to Organize Your Digital Photo Library – Life In Focus

Mylio Blog – 2.10.21 (2.4.21)

JC Figueroa is an avid photographer who specializes in underwater photography and preserving his family’s history in photos. His photo library is an ever-growing collection, so he needs a sensible system to manage it. He works at Mylio as the Customer Champion, leading webinars to teach people how to organize and manage a digital photo library. On January 22, with 30,089 media in his collection, he sat down to share his top seven tips.

Source: 7 Tips to Organize Your Digital Photo Library – Life In Focus

Amber X: Indiegogo Backer Feedback Interview

Amber YouTube Channel – 2.1.21 (1.29.21)


LatticeWork CEO, Pantas Sutardja, and CMO, Carlos Rodriguez, meet with Indiegogo Backer, Bill Benson, for his feedback on Amber X. Bill spent 1-week with Amber X as part of our Early Technology Access program for Enhanced Beta Testing, ahead of our first shipments planned for February 2021. #bringyourdatahome #amberX #ownyourdata

Source: Amber X: Indiegogo Backer Feedback Interview

Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2020

Backblaze Blog – 1.29.21 (1.26.21)

In 2020, Backblaze added 39,792 hard drives and as of December 31, 2020 we had 165,530 drives under management. Of that number, there were 3,000 boot drives and 162,530 data drives. We will discuss the boot drives later in this report, but first we’ll focus on the hard drive failure rates for the data drive models in operation in our data centers as of the end of December. In addition, we’ll welcome back Western Digital to the farm and get a look at our nascent 16TB and 18TB drives. Along the way, we’ll share observations and insights on the data presented and as always, we look forward to you doing the same in the comments.

Source: Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2020

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