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Seagate I Game Drive For PS4 Systems

Seagate YouTube Channel – 5.17.19 (5.15.19)


PlayStation® and Seagate partnered to design a powerful external hard drive. The goal? Loads of capacity and perfect PS4™ performance so you can hold onto the games you love plus install new ones—and take all the games with you wherever you go.

Source: Seagate I Game Drive For PS4 Systems

Portable SSD T5: Save Our Sanity

Samsung YouTube Channel – 5.15.19 (5.14.19)


The Samsung Portable SSD T5 is a super fast external solid state drive. About the size of a business card, the T5 is compact and easy to carry while offering the capacity you need (It is available in 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities). Durable and reliable, the T5 also offers accelerated speeds for optimum performance, so you can easily backup and download your work files, your entertainment, your games, and your photos and videos on the go. Now the T5 is available in two new colors — red and gold — in addition to blue and black. The Samsung Portable SSD T5: the world in your pocket.

Source: Portable SSD T5: Save Our Sanity

The Storage Challenges of Automotive Edge and Smart Driving

Western Digital Blog – 5.9.19

Whether you’re actively contributing to the autonomous future, being an avid follower of the automotive industry, or only a car driver, one thing is clear – the industry is undergoing massive changes that impact everything from manufacturing and global economics to what we expect from a driving experience.

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Seagate I HipHopGamer on Plug-and-Play Gaming

Seagate YouTube Channel – 4.18.19 (4.16.19)


Los Angeles-based writer Emily Rose Jacobson actor and the video game industry writer is often on the go. “The Game Drive fits really well into my lifestyle,” she says. “I can take it with me.” Busy playing and appreciating the storytelling power of games, Emily doesn’t just play them for fun. She plays in order to write reviews. That can get overwhelming—on her console. “With so many games out there, … sometimes it gets frustrating on my console because I need to download a new game, but … I don’t want to erase all my other games because I want to come back to them later. With the Game Drive, I don’t have to worry about that at all.”

Source: Seagate I HipHopGamer on Plug-and-Play Gaming

iCloud Can Recover Deleted Files, Contacts, Bookmarks, Calendar, Reminders

OWC Blog – 4.17.19 (4.15.19)

iCloud is a fantastic way to share calendars, contacts, reminders, bookmarks, and files, including photos, among your devices. The macOS and iOS take care of keeping all of this important information in sync, ensuring that what you see on one device is the same as when you connect with another.

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