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Getting Started with Tracking Exposure

Pivo YouTube Channel – 10.1.20 (9.29.20)


After you enable tracking exposure, Pivo will prioritize the exposure of the target being tracked over the background so it’s evenly exposed throughout the whole shot. If you’re moving in a place with uneven lighting, or in the morning or afternoon where the sun is brighter on one side of the screen, we recommend turning Tracking Exposure on. With Tracking Exposure on, the target will be evenly exposed no matter whether the background gets darker or lighter, and Pivo will be able to track it easier. Without Tracking Exposure enabled, the exposure of the whole shot will be automatically considered and evened out.

Source: Getting Started with Tracking Exposure

Netflix arrives on Nest Hub and Hub Max

Google Blog – 7.23.20 (7.21.20)

The kitchen is a popular place for smart displays in many homes, and for good reason. Whether you’re listening to music, getting the news or catching up on a popular TV show, your Nest Hub or Next Hub Max keep you entertained while you’re prepping dinner or doing the dishes. It’s also the ultimate cooking companion, with access to tons of YouTube videos ranging from cooking clips to how-to videos. And now, for the first time on any smart display, you can add watching Netflix to your list of kitchen activities: Starting today, Netflix is available on Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max.

Source: Netflix arrives on Nest Hub and Hub Max

The DivX Open Video System: A Forerunner of the Streaming Revolution

DivX Blog – 7.22.20

Video streaming services have never been more popular than they are now. With dozens of different streaming providers, it feels like virtually every movie or television show ever created is available for anyone to watch, anytime on any device. But the streaming video nirvana that we now take for granted seemed like a distant dream back in 2001 when a brash San Diego start-up company created one of the first Internet-based video-on-demand platforms.

Source: The DivX Open Video System: A Forerunner of the Streaming Revolution

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