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Introducing Osmo Action 4

DJI YouTube Channel – 8.2.23


Osmo Action 4 is here With a 1/1.3″ sensor, 10-bit color, and stunning low-light shooting, it sets a new standard for action-camera image clarity and detail. Elevate your visual storytelling with long-lasting battery life, even in temps as low as -20° C, and capture every epic angle with 155 ultra-wide FOV together with magnetic quick release and native vertical shooting. Every frame can be a masterpiece powered by robust stabilization technology and crystal clear 4K/120fps. There are more movement possibilities than ever with 360° HorizonSteady. Get out there and set the tone with Osmo Action 4.

Source: Introducing Osmo Action 4

This Week ‘In the NVIDIA Studio’ Filmmaker Sara Dietschy Talks AI 

NVIDIA Blog – 6.14.23

With over 900,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, editor and filmmaker Sara Dietschy creates docuseries, reviews and vlogs that explore the intersection of technology and creativity. The Los Angeles-based creator shares her AI-powered workflow this week In the NVIDIA Studio, and it’s just peachy — a word that happens to rhyme with her last name.

Source: This Week ‘In the NVIDIA Studio’ Filmmaker Sara Dietschy Talks AI | NVIDIA Blog

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