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How is AI Clearing the Vision of Smart Video?

Western Digital Blog – 9.17.20

Ask the security systems integrators we polled in our recent survey, and they will tell you that storage is the backbone for capturing, retaining and analyzing data. More than ever, they’re relying heavily on hard disk drives (HDDs) and flash because capacity and endurance matter. The industry is moving beyond traditional security-focused surveillance and is adopting new use cases that could be referred to as smart video – cameras, storage, processing and deep learning algorithms combined to deliver solutions that make people’s experiences better.

Source: How is AI Clearing the Vision of Smart Video? 

How Remote Life Fast-Tracked Connected Technology

WD Blog – 7.22.20

Today’s connected technology has played a key role in helping us manage the crisis brought by the novel coronavirus. The abrupt growth in working and studying from home and the significant increases in online activities from households are pushing data demands to new heights. It has also given rise to new technologies and accelerated others dramatically. Some of these changes will continue beyond this pandemic, helping specific technologies and use cases evolve even further. Let’s take a closer look.

Source: How Remote Life Fast-Tracked Connected Technology

Reducing the Hidden Costs of Storage

Western Digital Blog – 7.8.20

You know how we’re always told to do the right thing? Well, that applies to engineering innovation too. When we set out to design a new generation of storage enclosures, there were two top priorities in improving design. One was to improve the cooling – electronics are more reliable and run happiest when they are not too hot. The other was to reduce the amount of vibration impacting the drives – today’s extreme capacity hard drives pack a lot of bits onto platters, which requires higher precision and it can be a challenge to keep read/write heads on track.

Source: Reducing the Hidden Costs of Storage

3 Ways 5G will Enhance Automotive Safety

Western Digital Blog – 6.29.20 (6.25.20)

As 5G rolls out across the world, it will offer the next generation of mobile connectivity experience powered by a dramatic increase in speed and low latency. It will also open up possibilities for new mobile, gaming, health, edge and industrial applications – with a lot of hype and expectation. While we tend to associate 5G’s impact on our own personal devices, like phones and tablets, one of the areas where we’ll likely see the most significant impact will be automotive.

Source: 3 Ways 5G will Enhance Automotive Safety

Sharing Pride and Celebrating Equality

Western Digital Blog – 6.24.20 (6.22.20)

June is definitely a month for pride. Yes, because of the Pride celebrations held worldwide. But even more, due to the significant LGBTQ+ milestones achieved during this month over the years. The Stonewall Uprising for LGBTQ+ rights in Manhattan happened in June 1969. In 2013, strides were made for same-sex marriage. In 2015, same-sex marriage was fully legalized in the U.S.

Source: Sharing Pride and Celebrating Equality

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