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Museums Staying Relevant with Data

Western Digital YouTube Channel – 5.22.19 (5.20.19)


Technology isn’t just helping to create immersive learning experiences, it’s providing a feedback loop to educators and institutions like the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute in California that helps them understand and serve students better.


The Storage Challenges of Automotive Edge and Smart Driving

Western Digital Blog – 5.9.19

Whether you’re actively contributing to the autonomous future, being an avid follower of the automotive industry, or only a car driver, one thing is clear – the industry is undergoing massive changes that impact everything from manufacturing and global economics to what we expect from a driving experience.

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Why Fast Data Matters, and How to Get On Board

Western Digital Blog – 4.2.19 (3.31.19)

To keep up with today’s high-performance servers supporting hundreds, if not thousands, of virtual workloads and critical business applications, today’s system design and next generation data centers will require data infrastructure that can transfer data in better ways. One of these evolutions that’s happening right now is NVMe™ – taking enterprise storage from a slow two-lane country road powered by SAS and SATA to a fast 12-lane divided highway driven by Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) – to deliver the infrastructure your business needs to stay relevant.

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Balancing Data Access & Privacy for a Better Future

Western Digital YouTube Channel – 3.15.19 (3.14.19)


Much of the data gathered today that’s driving connectivity and convenience in our world is actually generated by individuals. In this episode of Data & Me, Gil Elbaz of Factual discusses the importance of personal data in fueling innovations, and why a world in which we can balance anonymization with access, privacy with accessibility is a world ripe with possibilities.

Source: Balancing Data Access & Privacy for a Better Future | Data & Me

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