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Data Lakehouses: Delivering the Best of Both Worlds

Dell Blog – 4.30.22 (4.29.22)

Data is rapidly becoming an organization’s most valuable asset. Data capital, or the value derived from data, has become the ultimate source of differentiation. But being able to handle on all this data can be difficult, especially when the amount of data stored by organizations is immense – and is projected to triple by 2025 to 5.5ZB. So as the data landscape grows, it can limit your ability to leverage all your data and manage it effectively.

Source: Data Lakehouses: Delivering the Best of Both Worlds

Reimagined Work Demands Redesigned Machines

Dell Blog – 4.26.22

The concept of Hybrid Work is unique to each of us. It means something different to everyone but with it comes an overwhelming sense of change and opportunity to redefine your relationship with work. How and where you do that is entirely up to you.

To help you embrace the dynamics of the hybrid world, we aren’t sticking to what’s worked in the past. We believe that technology shouldn’t be “one-size fits all” and so we are redesigning our devices with more power, intelligent features and improved security – while making them smaller and thinner to better fit today’s workforce. Whether you are a C-suite executive jumping from video calls to in-person meetings or a creative professional taking a project from inspiration to reality, building off our recent commercial announcement, Dell Technologies new Latitude and Precision devices are expertly designed with collaboration and performance in mind to power the way you work best.

Source: Reimagined Work Demands Redesigned Machines

AI and Machine Learning: The Present and the Future

Dell Blog – 3.21.22

We have heard the adage “data is the new oil. Data has become one of the most critical assets to enterprises globally. Digitalization of organizations has opened up a new horizon in customer outreach, customer services and customer interactions. Every interaction with a customer is now a data footprint – with massive potential to be harnessed when viewed and analyzed in totality.  

Source: AI and Machine Learning: The Present and the Future

Hybrid Cloud Computing – The Sky’s the Limit

Dell Blog – 2.17.22

The heart of cloud computing stems from a vision – that everyone is interconnected and empowered with the ability to access applications and information from anywhere. High-speed internet connectivity, the biggest enabler to this vision, has allowed enterprises to pivot to a new operational model of enabling both their customers and employees to access information anytime and anywhere. Thus, enterprises also now utilize the public cloud to fulfill a variety of functions, including storage, compute and have increasingly adopted to pay for use for such functions.

Source: Hybrid Cloud Computing – The Sky’s the Limit

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