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Hybrid Cloud Computing – The Sky’s the Limit

Dell Blog – 2.17.22

The heart of cloud computing stems from a vision – that everyone is interconnected and empowered with the ability to access applications and information from anywhere. High-speed internet connectivity, the biggest enabler to this vision, has allowed enterprises to pivot to a new operational model of enabling both their customers and employees to access information anytime and anywhere. Thus, enterprises also now utilize the public cloud to fulfill a variety of functions, including storage, compute and have increasingly adopted to pay for use for such functions.

Source: Hybrid Cloud Computing – The Sky’s the Limit

Empower Yourself Against BadUSB Cyberattacks

Dell Blog – 2.9.22

Have you ever received a package in the mail from a seemingly reputable company containing a USB thumb drive? While I’m sure most of us are aware of the security vulnerability this poses, bad actors are spending significant marketing dollars to fool the population into believing this is a legitimate USB drive. But it’s not what’s visible on the drive, it’s what lies beneath.

Source: Empower Yourself Against BadUSB Cyberattacks

2022 and Beyond – Technologies That Will Change the Dialogue

Dell Blog – 12.16.21

We are living in a do-anything-from-anywhere economy enabled by an exponentially expanding data ecosystem. It’s estimated 65% of Global GDP will be digital next year (2022). This influx of data presents both opportunities and challenges. After all, success in our digital present and future relies on our ability to secure and maintain increasingly complex IT systems. Here I’ll examine both near-term and long-term predictions that address the way the IT industry will deliver the platforms and capabilities to harness this data to transform our experiences at work, home and in the classroom.

Source: 2022 and Beyond – Technologies That Will Change the Dialogue

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