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E3 Witnesses the Birth of a Legend

Dell Blog – 6.12.19 (6.11.19)

Wow!!! Since E3 started in 1995, I’ve been to 16 of them, and each year I’m still amazed how far gaming has advanced. Alienware was created one year after E3 started and much like the show, Alienware has also grown to be a trailblazing leader in PC gaming. This year at E3, Alienware will feature the latest Legend designed laptops and headsets since announcing the new ID at CES. In addition,  Dell G3 now has Game Shift to optimize your gaming experience in one button. But E3 is not all about our new rigs, we always want to cater to our community, and this year we have esports partnerships, display technology news, and other benefits sure to please our fans.

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The Future of Coffee, Powered by Dell Technologies

Dell Blog – 6.6.19 (6.4.19)

Dell Technologies World provided some of the best and broadest exposure we’ve experienced in our brand’s history. According to Briggo’s CEO Kevin Nater, “The Briggo Team was thrilled to step onto the world stage side-by-side with our partner Dell Technologies as we introduced the future of coffee to the brightest minds and most innovative global firms!” Briggo was honored to not only be a featured customer story in the Dell Consumer Solutions Group, but to serve fully automated, gourmet coffee from our Dell-branded Briggo Coffee Haus in the Village during the entire event. Needless to say, DTW was “buzzing” and so were we.

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