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New MSI Trident X 9th Console-sized gaming PC

MSI YouTube Channel – 11.7.19


The new Trident X 9th, now also featuring RTX SUPER graphics cards and WiFi 6. A premium console-sized desktop featuring 9th Gen Intel Core processor and up to RTX 2080 Ti. Trident X is built for true gamers and fulfills all your gaming needs. It’s also packed with awesome features like Mystic Light, Turbo M.2, and Nahimic 3.

Source: New MSI Trident X 9th Console-sized gaming PC

Using personal experience to make Chromebooks accessible

Google Blog – 10.25.19 (10.24.19)

David Tseng has dedicated his career to using technology to break down barriers for people with disabilities. At Google, he’s the Technical Lead for Chrome OS accessibility services, which means that his team makes Chromebooks easier to use for people with a wide range of disabilities. In honor of Disability Awareness Month, we sat down with David to hear more about his experiences making Chromebooks more accessible.

Source: Using personal experience to make Chromebooks accessible

THX and EVOO Announce New Lifestyle and Gaming Laptops

THX Blog – 10.21.19 (10.17.19)

THX Ltd., renowned for the certification of world-class cinemas and consumer electronics, today announced new lineups of powerful, attractive, cost effective EVOO devices designed for those with mobile lifestyles, and for gamers. The new EVOO Gaming laptops, expected to be available in November on, will feature THX Spatial Audio technology for immersive audio that enhances audio localization from headphones and from the device’s built-in speakers, as well as displays that have been Tuned by THX to provide vibrant colors and crisp visual contrast, vastly improving both the audio and video playback. In addition, five new EVOO lifestyle devices for people with mobile lifestyles, including ultra slim laptops and 2-in-1 convertible laptop-tablets, feature Tuned by THX displays that enhance the TV, movie viewing and streaming experience, and are available now on

Source: THX and EVOO Announce New Lifestyle and Gaming Laptops – THX

The Used Mac Buyer’s Guide

OWC Blog – 8.20.19 (8.16.19)

You or the kid needs a new Mac, but money’s a bit tight. Not to worry — since Macs usually have a nice long lifetime, your chances of finding a used Mac that’s affordable and able to run most of the latest operating systems and apps are quite good. In this short buyer’s guide, we’ll give you some tips on what to watch out for and how to make that vintage Mac keep up with the newer models.

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