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Librem 5 Development Kits: we are getting there!

Purism Blog Post – 11.13.18 (11.9.18)

A few weeks ago we published an update about the forthcoming of our Librem 5 development kits when we ran into some issues which caused delays. Today we’re bringing you another update on the hardware fabrication process, as well as some pictures and a video. At the same time as the last update got posted, I was on my way to California, where we are fabricating our development kit and base boards (we are bringing everything to life there, and shipping from that same facility).

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Portal and Portal+ Shipping Now

Facebook News – 11.8.18

Portal and Portal+ are new video-calling devices that make it easier to stay connected with your closest friends and family, and you can buy them in the US starting today.

You can purchase Portal for $199 USD and Portal+ for $349 USD from,, as well as Amazon Books and Best Buy stores nationwide. Just in time for the holidays, you can also get $100 USD off any two devices — this means a bundle of two Portal devices is just $298 USD.

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Alienware’s AREA-51 Now with 2nd Gen Ryzen Threadripper

Dell Blog – 11.8.18

Alienware is excited to announce the new Alienware Area-51 with the 2nd Generation Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processors. Designed for PC gaming, game streaming, megatasking and content creation, the 2nd Gen Ryzen Threadripper Edition of Alienware’s award-winning flagship desktop goes on sale November 8, starting at $2,199.99 USD1, direct from


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The #HuaweiMate20 and You – Live Panel

Huawei YouTube Channel – 11.4.18 (10.30.18)


Following the #HUAWEIMate20 keynote, we sat down with 3 content creators who were amongst the first to get their hands on the Mate 20 Pro before it’s global launch. Watch as @AmandaBisk, @OliWhiteTV and @Qmike share their thoughts on the Mate 20 and #HigherIntelligence in our live panel moderated by @JasonBradbury.

Source: The #HuaweiMate20 and You – Live Panel

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