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The Device Anti-Theft Survival Guide

Avast Blog – 2.27.20

With only one month of winter left, our thoughts turn to spring…and all the world festivals and partying that accompanies this time of year. Whether you’re gearing up for Rio’s Carnival, Louisiana’s Mardi Gras, or a tequila-drenched Spring Break in Cabo, one thing is for sure – you’ll want to make sure that amidst all the revelry, your phone stays safe and secure. There is no bigger travel buzzkill than the shock of learning that your device has been lost or stolen. Fortunately, before the festivities begin, you can take some simple precautions that will stamp out the worry and let you focus on the merry.

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Tech Off | Brilliant Smart Home System

Brilliant Tech YouTube Channel – 2.27.20 (2.26.20)


The Brilliant Smart Home System was on The Marilyn Denis Show for a Tech Off Segment hosted by Ramsin Khachi and Amber Mac. Featured products include the Brilliant Control, Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switch, Ring Doorbell, Schlage Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt, Sonos One, and Phillips Hue.

Source: Tech Off | Brilliant Smart Home System

Learning expert Scott Young on memory, self-control and engineering environments for success

Jabra Blog – 2.27.20 (2.26.20)

Have you ever wanted to learn a language? How about four in one year?   For many people, learning slows down or stops when they leave formal education. Not so for Scott Young, whose achievements include teaching himself a four-year MIT degree course in just one and travelling the world with the sole intention of learning languages in an applied way.

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The Use of Wearable Technology for Rehabilitation

TouchPoint Blog – 2.27.20 (2.26.20)

When one thinks of wearable technology, the first thing that comes to mind is fitness bands or smartwatches and augmented reality (AR) headsets. Only a few people know that wearable tech is much more than that. In the healthcare sector, advancements in technology are crucial. What was initially thought to be impossible is now being done and carried out on a regular basis. Take remote patient monitoring; technology has allowed patients to connect with their physicians even if they are miles away. In terms of rehabilitation, many experts believe that innovations can be possible through the use of wearable technology.

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