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Online resources for kids and families during COVID-19

Google Blog – 6.1.20 (5.29.20)

As families continue to face the new realities of juggling work, school, and play at home, online tools can make the adjustment a bit smoother. We’re all spending more of our time on our devices, and Google has many products and programs to help families create healthy digital habits and help them stay safe online. From internet safety resources to parental controls, our products help families find and manage quality content and apps, tools for distance learning and virtual field trips. And behind the scenes, our teams work every day to protect our users and make our products safer for everyone.

Source: Online resources for kids and families during COVID-19

Learn at Home Resources We Love

Technology Will Save Us Blog – 5.26.20

While our team has been working hard to create weekly learn at home activities parents and kids can do together or independently (you can get them here), there are a plethora of resources out there from charities and other companies that incredible. So, we’ve decided to put all of our favourites in one place! We will be updating this blog regularly so do check back for new ideas!

Source: Learn at Home Resources We Love

STEM At Home: Tiny Dance Party

Lenovo YouTube Channel – 5.18.20


We’re all struggling to work from home (kids included), so we’ve partnered with some of our brightest employees to create a series of online STEM projects. These are intended to help parents and teachers keep everyone engaged in science while we’re stuck inside. Please enjoy. Have fun. And share your creations with the hashtag #STEMatHome.

Source: STEM At Home: Tiny Dance Party

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