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UBTECH CES 2020 Highlights

UBTECH YouTube Channel – 1.27.20


At CES 2020, we showcased our newest and most innovative robots including the latest updates to Walker, the intelligent humanoid service robot that wowed audiences at last year’s CES, plus autonomous indoor monitoring robot AIMBOT, enterprise service robot Cruzr, and award-winning JIMU Robot kits for kids.

Source: UBTECH CES 2020 Highlights

Unleash student creativity with Chromebooks

Google Blog – 1.21.20

My favorite part about being on the education team here at Google is talking to teachers about how their classrooms are evolving and how Chromebooks give their students a voice in the world. For generations, “learning” meant memorizing and repeating other peoples’ ideas. Today, with the help of classroom computers and creativity apps, schools are reinventing themselves as studios for students to create and share their own ideas. Where students used to be limited to reading and writing, they can now design, record, compose, code, prototype, and share their ideas using a range of digital media tools.

Source: Unleash student creativity with Chromebooks

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