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Headphones You Can Build

Kano YouTube Channel – 12.1.20 (11.30.20)


Build your own headphones. Create, not just consume, technology. Kano was born from the challenge of 6-year-old Micah ‘I want to make a computer but it needs to be as easy and fun as Lego, so nobody has to teach me’. 4 years later Kano is present in more than 1000 schools and educational programs, with more than 150.000 kits distributed to 80+ countries around the globe.

Source: Headphones You Can Build

Machine learning for kids

Amazon Blog – 11.6.20 (11.5.20)

The growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning will create millions of new jobs over the next few years. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) specialists are in the most “in demand” employees across all industries, according to the World Economic Forum’s new Future of Jobs report, 2020, yet there are only a few hundred thousand engineers trained in AI and ML worldwide. As more organizations embrace digital transformation by moving to the cloud to make machine learning a reality, they’re using creative training initiatives to close the machine learning skills gap. Capital One’s AWS DeepRacer League is one excellent example of this.

Source: Machine learning for kids

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