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3 tips for using new image-based product search in Bing Shopping

Microsoft Blogs – 6.29.20 (6.25.20)

Since the last month’s update on “4 ways to save money”, we continue to see more shoppers search for products on our platform to get the best price, across sellers. In this update, we are excited to introduce new image-based search experiences on Bing Shopping.

Source: 3 tips for using new image-based product search in Bing Shopping

Fresh ideas to make cooking easy and fun

Microsoft Blogs – 6.25.20

Cooking is so much more than what ends up on your plate. From recipe planning to pantry organization and grocery shopping to sharing virtual meals with others both near and far, we can help. If spending more time at home has led to more time in the kitchen, check out these resources and tips for using Microsoft products to help you make the most of your efforts with the least amount of stress.

Source: Fresh ideas to make cooking easy and fun

Social contact as the new scarce resource

Microsoft Blogs – 6.23.20 (6.17.20)

In any time of uncertainty, it is critical we leverage data-driven approaches when solving problems. About a decade ago, we wrote on this blog how we used a data- and model-driven approach to guide us to the cloud as the future of enterprise computing. Today, we’re applying the same foundational approach while benefiting from the power of our cloud and AI capabilities to unpack today’s source of great uncertainty: COVID-19. In the white paper we are releasing today, we outline a policy framework to help governments think through the impact of COVID-19 and recovery strategies. We have also included an economic model that quantifies economic impact.

Source: Social contact as the new scarce resource

New tools to secure democracy

Microsoft Blogs – 6.22.20 (6.18.20)

In recent months, we’ve worked closely with political campaigns and parties who are protected by our AccountGuard threat notification service and conducted hundreds of security trainings ahead of the 2020 elections. We’ve heard one repeated request throughout these engagements: Those involved in the democratic process want more protection for what we call identity management, or the ability for their staff to securely log into their accounts and access their email and files while preventing unwanted intrusions. Greater security in this area would help prevent the “hack-and-leak” scenario where cybercriminals or foreign governments steal a campaign official’s emails and release them online.

Source: New tools to secure democracy 

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