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The Best “Bitsy” Holiday Inventions

littleBits Blog – 12.12.18 (12.10.18)

At littleBits, we LOVE the holidays. Snowy weather, warm songs, time with family — these are all things that define the season for us. But what’s truly gratifying is how inventors pull out all the stops with their decorations, incorporating littleBits to bring the festivities to the next level. Whether it’s blinking LEDs or a twirling Santa, littleBits is here to take your yule-time glee up a notch.

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Can You Measure a Student’s Progress in STEM?

littleBits Blog – 12.7.18 (12.5.18)

In an increasingly science and technology-driven world, STEM skills will almost certainly give students a competitive edge in future careers. But for many educators, integrating STEM into the classroom has been a challenge — not to mention figuring out how to measure the effectiveness of their STEM curriculum.

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Fatherly – “Be Your Own Super Hero”

littleBits YouTube Channel – 12.6.18 (11.29.18)


When kids’ minds are challenged and their imaginations are activated, they become capable of things they never thought possible. The littleBits Avengers Hero Inventor Kit builds STEM skills, unlocks creative potential and inspires kids to take on challenges and save the day with confidence.

Source: Fatherly – “Be Your Own Super Hero”

Why We Need to Set Our Kids Up to Fail

littleBits Blog – 11.30.18 (11.28.18)

Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event. This year, as a partner to, littleBits is excited to donate Code Kits to 25 classrooms looking for physical computing kits to use with their students as part of this year’s festivities. But we want to do more.

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