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We Are All “That Kid” 

littleBits Blog – 11.7.18 (11.6.18)

Last week, littleBits introduced the world to an important mission when we launched a video about “that kid.” In reaction to the video, we received a tidal wave of support and personal stories from people all over the world who see themselves as that kid — and who want to celebrate the ingenuity, spirit, and passion of those kids everywhere.

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Q&A With Dan Milnor: How to Stand Out as a Creative

Blurb Blog – 11.6.18

It seems that more and more people are entering the creative fields. On the surface, this is a great thing. It means new perspectives, new ideas, and more opportunities for collaboration. But it also means that to survive as a successful, independent, creative professional, you must become more adept at standing out. So what does that involve? We spoke to professional photographer Dan Milnor to find out.

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3D Pen Tutorial | Design a Robotic Dinosaur (STEM)

3Doodler YouTube Channel – 10.22.18 (10.21.18)


The award-winning 3Doodler Start allows kids to bring their ideas to life in 3D! What’s cooler than building your own dinosaur? Building one that moves! Budding Engineers and Paleontologists can now explore prehistoric dinosaurs and modern robots, all in one kit. Part of our 3Doodler Start STEM Series, the Robotic Dinosaur Activity Kit will allow young creators to build and design their own dinosaur that moves. Simply follow the Activity Guide stencils, and Doodle directly on top of the Robotic Base to build your Triceratops, then design and decorate your dinosaur’s appearance. Sit back and watch your dinosaur come to life!

Looking Inside: The Touchscreen

Kano Computing Blog – 9.26.18

Last week we launched the latest of our DIY kits, the Computer Kit Touch. And ever since then lots of you (and all of us here at Kano HQ), have been getting your hands on them. Touching the pieces. Touching the Code. Touching the Keys. Creating, and coding art, music, and games of your very own.

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