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Museums Staying Relevant with Data

Western Digital YouTube Channel – 5.22.19 (5.20.19)


Technology isn’t just helping to create immersive learning experiences, it’s providing a feedback loop to educators and institutions like the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute in California that helps them understand and serve students better.


Make your smart home more accessible with new tutorials

Google Blog – 5.18.19 (5.16.19)

I’m legally blind, so from the moment I pop out of bed each morning, I use technology to help me go about my day. When I wake up, I ask my Google Assistant for my custom-made morning Routine which turns on my lights, reads my calendar and plays the news. I use other products as well, like screen readers and a refreshable braille display, to help me be as productive as possible.

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A $3 million gift to expand STEM talent

Amazon Blogs – 5.13.19

Seattle University announced today that Amazon has made a $3 million gift to the new Center for Science and Innovation. This gift supports the school’s commitment to increase access to computer science and STEM education, particularly for women and underrepresented minorities.

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Anafi Thermal – Wildlife protection

Parrot YouTube Channel – 5.8.19 (5.7.19)


ANAFI Thermal – the ultra-compact drone supports Wildlife protection. At Parrot we are committed to support NGO involved in environment conservation. Thanks to incredible performances and features, ANAFI Thermal is the perfect tool for volunteers involved in South Africa reserve preservation. ANAFI Thermal guides the ground team and can monitor the nocturnal activity of the animals without any risk.

Source: Anafi Thermal – Wildlife protection

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