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HP San Diego Gives Back at Beach Cleanup 2019 | Sustainable Impact

HP YouTube Channel – 8.14.19 (8.12.19)


Protecting our planet is a priority at HP, and this year over 200 HP San Diego employees gathered to clean up Mission Bay and Mission Beach, collecting over 1,500 lbs of trash! This cleanup was part of HP’s Global Shoreline Cleanup initiative through which HP volunteers have collected more than 18.7K pounds of potential ocean-bound plastic and other debris. Together, we can be the difference, we can keep our wildlife healthy and communities beautiful.

Source: HP San Diego Gives Back at Beach Cleanup 2019 | Sustainable Impact

World Elephant Day: Nikon Ambassador Ami Vitale

Nikon YouTube Channel – 8.14.19 (8.12.19)


For the last ten years, #NikonAmbassador Ami Vitale has been in northern Kenya to document and tell the stories of its wild elephants, including those at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, the first indigenous-owned elephant sanctuary in all of Africa. See how she was able to amplify these important, beautiful stories by creating intimate #wildlife close-ups and powerful videos with her Nikon #gear:

Source: World Elephant Day: Nikon Ambassador Ami Vitale

Charting the Rise of Women-Only Races

Withings Blog – 8.13.19 (8.9.19)

Women are becoming an increasingly powerful force in the world of running. According to data from Running USA, 59% of participants in any given road race are women, a trend that looks set to continue. And that’s not the only reason to be optimistic about the women’s running boom. Since the 1970s, there’s been an explosion in the number of women-focused races, which has done much to reverse the massive gender imbalance that was once present in long-distance running. Get the lowdown on the history of women’s running, as well as the benefits that these exclusively female races provide.

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Bringing STEAM education to more families

Amazon Blog – 8.8.19

National Children’s Museum in Washington D.C. is undergoing a huge makeover right now. Founded in 1974, the Congressionally-designated museum has served the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas, in addition to tourists from all over the world, for more than 45 years.

In the spirit of our Amazon Future Engineer program, which aims to increase access to computer science education for millions of students from underserved communities, Amazon is excited to support the National Children’s Museum leading up to its grand re-opening late this fall. Amazon is providing a $250,000 gift to help fund the fabrication and installation of Data Science Alley – an exhibit making data literacy accessible and fun—as well as helping to provide free museum access for more than 200,000 visitors in part through the new Virginia Access Program supported by Amazon.

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The Art of Getting Girls Into STEM

Adobe Blog – 8.7.19 (8.6.19)

Girls still aren’t getting into STEM. Despite so many headlines, initiatives, and investments, only 18% of U.S. computer science college graduates were women (U.S. Department of Education). That number was 37% in 1984. This can’t just be the effect of girls not being encouraged enough in math class.

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