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5 Ways to STEAM-Power Your Child’s Chores

littleBits Blog – 2.8.19 (2.6.19)

As parents, we are always looking for new ways to engage our children in learning — especially when it comes to STEAM. Often, learning experiences can be found in the simple daily activities that take place at home. Let’s look at a few ways that you can incorporate some fun — and some STEAM — into simple chores.

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7 Safety Tips for Children on the Internet

Avast Blog – 2.5.19

Today is Safer Internet Day, and the spirit of this global holiday is to educate the young people on this planet on the ins and outs of safe, sane internet habits. Our children are growing up in a world where the internet is a basic creature comfort, on equal footing with television, books, and movies. They do not view the online world as new technology like some of us do — to children, it’s always existed. Therefore, they don’t approach their interaction online with the caution that we might. They only see a screen that reacts to their button taps, innocently unaware of the invisible risks at play.

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Five Fab Kano World Staff Picks – Week 3

Kano Computing Blog – 1.30.19 (1.29.19)

The cold weather is clearly keeping a ton of Kano Coders indoors, making and sharing their creations on Kano World! And the team at Kano HQ (decked out in hats and gloves!) have been picking our favourites, and awarding them the coveted accolade of Kano Staff Pick!

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Adapting to the needs of learners, educators and schools with Chromebooks

Google Blog – 1.28.19 (1.24.19)

We aim to build products that help educators, school staff and students thrive in and out of the classroom. Ever-evolving education standards and students’ diverse learning needs means teachers need adaptable devices that can keep up with these changes. For administrators, it’s about the ability to manage large groups of students and educators while protecting their data. For students, intuitive and easy-to-use devices help them learn in a way that’s conducive to their needs. For these reasons and more, our latest lineup of Chromebooks feature a wide range of devices from laptops to tablets, admin management, deployment options, accessibility features, input options, and a growing number of quality apps. Whether you’re a student mastering your times tables or a teacher deploying a 1:1 device program to thousands of users, there’s a Chromebook for everyone.

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