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JIMU ROBOT | MeeBot 2.0 Code Island on Swift Playgrounds

UBTECH YouTube Channel – 4.19.21 (4.16.21)


Introducing MeeBot 2.0 Code Island on Apple’s Swift Playgrounds, an augmented reality gameplay experience for MeeBot 2.0 that takes hands-on STEM learning into uncharted territory! Complete coding challenges and unlock special tech tutorials in mixed reality for immersive lessons unlike any other.

Source: JIMU ROBOT | MeeBot 2.0 Code Island on Swift Playground

How to Help Your Kids With Stress

Fitbit Blog – 4.8.21

Adults aren’t the only ones feeling incredible stress these days. Thanks to decreased social contacts, changed routines (that seem to keep changing), and parental anxiety, kids are also stressed out. In fact, between 19 and 22 percent of children ages six to 12 report having anxiety, according to a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health last August. Normally less than 7 percent of kids this age have anxiety.

Source: How to Help Your Kids With Stress

4 Things Parents Can Do to Help Their Kids WANT to be Wise With Tech

Gabb Wireless – 4.7.21

Young people may well be the most underestimated human beings on the planet.

Yes, we’re all familiar with the stereotypical images of teenagers, hunched over their phones: their zombified, pale-skinned faces awash in sickly blue light.  We’ve read the screaming headlines about this “lost” generation of kids who have become anti-social, cyber-bullying, ever-gaming, porn-troubled tech addicts.

Source: 4 Things Parents Can Do to Help Their Kids WANT to be Wise With Tech

Kids Tablet Risks and How Hackers Might Be Spying on Them

Winston Privacy Blog – 4.7.21

Tablets can offer endless hours of education and entertainment and help your child learn while keeping them busy. But, as with any device that connects to the internet, tablets can expose your child to online risks and leave an open door for hackers to access.

Source: Kids Tablet Risks and How Hackers Might Be Spying on Them

Headphones You Can Build

Kano YouTube Channel – 12.1.20 (11.30.20)


Build your own headphones. Create, not just consume, technology. Kano was born from the challenge of 6-year-old Micah ‘I want to make a computer but it needs to be as easy and fun as Lego, so nobody has to teach me’. 4 years later Kano is present in more than 1000 schools and educational programs, with more than 150.000 kits distributed to 80+ countries around the globe.

Source: Headphones You Can Build

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