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Kano PC: Fast, Modular, Sustainable

Kano Computing YouTube Channel – 6.19.20 (6.18.20)


Next generation computing. The Kano PC is a two-in-one laptop you will love. Bring to life a personal computer that does everything you need. It is modular, so it lasts longer. And it’s open and transparent, so it builds your skills.

Source: Kano PC: Fast, Modular, Sustainable

Homeschooling resources on YouTube and helpful homeschooling tech

NewEgg Blog – 3.30.20 (3.26.20)

Crash Course Kids

With the ongoing lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders, kids and parents all over the country are having to learn about homeschooling in a hurry. It isn’t easy putting together lessons, making them educational and entertaining, all while juggling daily life, but we’re here to help.

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