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The best parental control apps

TechDen Blog – 7.10.19 (7.9.19)

Parental control apps for iOS or Android devices are worth their weight in gold. Especially since the internet is largely unregulated and kids are techy ninjas who can find pretty much anything online at lightning speed. Starting at an alarmingly young age, most can operate a device better than the adult(s) in the house.

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Dangers Of Digital Toys And How To Protect Your Kids

NordVPN Blog – 7.9.19 (7.2.19)

Regardless of our differences over different issues over the years, we’ve all been unanimous when it comes to the security of our children, our younger generation. But with time, threats to them have only increased. We now have digital toys that have cameras, sound recorders and are always connected to the web. While this gives them accessibility and an added opportunity to learn, this accessibility comes at a huge cost, it compromises their security and puts their privacy, their safety and even their lives at risk. And with more and more companies introducing new line of connected toys into the market, the risk of safety checks run on those toys being overlooked gets higher and the safety of the kids feels even more questionable.

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Helping parents and guardians have the “EdTech talk”

Google Blog – 6.26.19

It’s crucial for us, and at the heart of our mission, to provide teachers with effective classroom technology that lets them create supportive learning environments. This includes giving educators tools to communicate with parents and guardians, and work with them as partners—because we know learning isn’t limited to the classroom. This year at ISTE, we’re showcasing our digital citizenship and online safety platforms. These products can help parents and guardians aid students’ digital wellbeing, enable parents and guardians to have visibility and participation in the classroom and strengthen the connection between the home and the classroom.

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Interventions and Extensions with Cubelets

Modular Robotics Blog – 6.24.19 (6.20.19)

Image result for Cubelets

Cubelets are at their most effective when all students are engaged and continuing to build their skill sets. However, as with any tool, some students will pick it up quickly, and others may need extra help. When teaching with Cubelets, it’s helpful to use the following rules of thumb about interventions and extensions for your robot challenges.

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Kids Obsessed with YouTube? How to Help Them Stay Balanced, Safe This Summer

McAfee Blog – 6.24.19 (6.22.19)

If you haven’t seen your kids in a few hours but can hear outbursts of laughter from a nearby room, chances are, they — along with millions of other kids — are watching YouTube. The popular digital video hub has more viewers than network television and soaks up more than 46,000 years of our collective viewing time annually. Chances are your kids will be part of the YouTube digital mosh pit this summer, but do you know the risks?

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