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Yoga Book C930 – The ultimate in dual display productivity

Lenovo YouTube Channel – 3.18.19 (3.14.19)


The Yoga Book C930 is right in the middle of it all. With the eInk display which is a keyboard, a notepad and an eReader, you can multi-task like never before. It’s the ultimate in dual display productivity. Unlock new possibilities, with the 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processor.

Source: Yoga Book C930 – The ultimate in dual display productivity

Lenovo 300e Pencil Touch Tour

Lenovo YouTube Channel – 2.19.19 (2.15.19)


Only with Pencil Touch technology can you put a standard No. 2 pencil directly on the screen of a 300e Notebook. This unique feature provides a seamless transition from paper to screen, allowing students and teachers to interact with their work and peers in exciting, new ways. Everyday classroom activities like test taking, drawing, writing and gameplay can become innovative interactions with the help of Pencil Touch technology.

Source: Lenovo 300e Pencil Touch Tour

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