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Pace of Change | Megatrends

HP YouTube Channel – 11.19.19 (11.14.19)


The pace of change will continue to accelerate at warp speed, with more change expected in the next 15 years than in all of human history to date. So how does a company like HP stay ahead of all this change, to innovate, adapt, reinvent and engineer experiences for a future that promises to look very different from today?

Source: Pace of Change | Megatrends

HP San Diego Gives Back at Beach Cleanup 2019 | Sustainable Impact

HP YouTube Channel – 8.14.19 (8.12.19)


Protecting our planet is a priority at HP, and this year over 200 HP San Diego employees gathered to clean up Mission Bay and Mission Beach, collecting over 1,500 lbs of trash! This cleanup was part of HP’s Global Shoreline Cleanup initiative through which HP volunteers have collected more than 18.7K pounds of potential ocean-bound plastic and other debris. Together, we can be the difference, we can keep our wildlife healthy and communities beautiful.

Source: HP San Diego Gives Back at Beach Cleanup 2019 | Sustainable Impact

ENVY x360 15 Product Overview

HP YouTube Channel – 6.26.19 (6.24.19)


No matter where life takes you, stay secure on-the-go with the ENVY x360 that adapts to all parts of your day. With cutting-edge security features, a sleek design, and a 360° hinge for finding the perfect position – this PC is ready for anything.

Source: ENVY x360 15 Product Overview | HP ENVY | HP

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