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GoPro: HERO11 Black | Taller 8:7 Sensor

GoPro YouTube Channel – 9.16.22


HERO11 Black delivers more resolution with the tallest + most colorful field of view ever on a HERO camera. Shoot one shot to share anywhere. The 16% taller frame size allows you to capture vertical videos for Reels, TikTok, or Shorts, while also maintaining the ability to go wide for YouTube. For simplicity, toggle on #HyperView to get an ultra immersive 16:9 video that amps up action oriented POV footage by capturing more of your surroundings. On top of that, there is improved stabilization in all 4:3 video modes, 360° Horizon Lock, 27MP photos, + 24.7MP frame grabs. Once you get the shot, zoom in, crop, + adjust aspect ratios, all while preserving the crisp textures + rich 10-bit color.

Source: GoPro: HERO11 Black | Taller 8:7 Sensor

DivX Fixes Annoying iPhone Images!

DivX Blog – 8.19.22

New, free DivX Software for Windows is now available! In addition to being the best way to play and convert video, it just may help you stop being frustrated by iPhone images. Why? Because along with a variety of fixes and improvements, DivX Software can now convert annoying HEIC images (the default image container for iPhones) into JPG. Simply and safely drop an HEIC image onto DivX Converter, and quickly convert the file to a JPG image.

Source: DivX Fixes Annoying iPhone Images!

What Are The Benefits of Purchasing a Waterproof Camera for Kids?

myFirst Tech Blog – 6.30.22

In the recent past, it was pretty expensive to purchase waterproof cameras for taking photos underwater. But now, you can buy a waterproof camera for kids at an affordable price. Thanks to the manufacturers for making it possible. But in this article, we’ll not discuss the best waterproof cameras for kids because our focus will be on telling you the benefits. So, without any further ado, let’s start.

Source: What Are The Benefits of Purchasing a Waterproof Camera for Kids?

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