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Top 7 Camera Drones

Robolink Blog – 11.7.19 (11.6.19)

Less than ten years ago, people had no idea how far modern technology could move. Drones seemed unrealistic and unattainable for many of them. However, every user can buy a professional drone camera for creating panoramic photos and amazing videos. According to the best drones review, there are many great options in different price segments. Here is the best drone camera list for you.

Source: Top 7 Camera Drones

Movo X100 Steadicam Rig System

MOVO Photo YouTube Channel – 11.6.19 (11.5.19)


The professional solution for getting stable movements and comfort. The Movo X100 is a professional-quality steadicam system that combines a dual-articulating shock-absorbing arm and vest, with handheld steady cam rig and LCD field monitor. This is the ultimate steady cam system for videographers.

Source: Movo X100 Steadicam Rig System

Introducing Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe Blog – 11.4.19

The smartphone camera and social media have fundamentally changed the way people of all skill levels create and share their own stories. And while the industry has pushed the limits on hardware, the software magic for photography on your phone has been limited. We believe the world is ready for the next chapter, where it’s not just about more mega-pixels, but how you can tell your story in a unique way.

Source: Introducing Adobe Photoshop Camera

What Is Mylio? Why Do I Need It? – Life In Focus

Mylio Blog – 10.28.19 (10.23.19)

Mylio is a powerful app that’s changing the way the world remembers. It collects all your photos into a single library, automatically organizing them into the visual story of your life. You have complete control to all your photo memories on all your devices so you can manage what matters anytime, anywhere. Mylio even works without the internet, so you always have access to your media and memories. And perhaps most importantly, it organizes your pictures automatically so they’re always easy to find.

Source: What Is Mylio? Why Do I Need It? – Life In Focus

Organizing Photo Memories FTW

Mylio Blog – 10.23.19 (9.30.19)

On January 1st of 2019, Marie Kondo’s hit show Tidying Up took the world by storm. That storm did the opposite of what most storms do. It left clean households and tidy living in its wake instead of the usual chaos and destruction. In the show, Kondo visits American families to help people organize their lives by identifying and sorting things that spark joy. Kondo’s approach to cleaning is more than a series of chores – it’s a mentality, a lifestyle, and many people who adopted her method found tidying up to be a healthy step towards a happier home.

Source: Organizing Photo Memories FTW

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