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3 Tips for Improving GoPro Audio

Movo Photo Blog – 1.21.20 (1.20.20)

If you use a GoPro, you know that its built-in microphone works just fine with casual use. But for fast-paced activities like bike races, the audio tends to come out sounding muffled or distorted by background noises like the blowing wind. One of the most appealing aspects of using a GoPro is its ability to capture action shots, so it can be frustrating when your audio comes out sounding poor. For most action cam users, the audio quality is just as important as the quality of the video footage. Sound can add a lot of suspense to the adrenaline-pumping scenes seen in extreme sports clips, and you shouldn’t have to let your videos suffer because of poor audio. Luckily, you can invest in a quality GoPro microphone to enhance your sound and cut down on time spent editing your audio. Here are some tips to keep in mind when using GoPro audio add-ons.

Source: 3 Tips for Improving GoPro Audio

What’s ahead for 2020

Flickr Blog – 1.20.20 (1.17.20)

Yesterday, we recapped Flickr’s many accomplishments in 2019. We’re proud of the year’s successes, but we’re particularly excited for what lies ahead in 2020. Now that our system migration is truly behind us, we can focus even more of our efforts on making Flickr the best place for photographers to share and connect.

Source: What’s ahead for 2020

How to Start a Photography Business on a Budget: The Ultimate Guide

Movo Photo Blog – 11.27.19 (11.21.19)

Starting your own photography business can be a very rewarding venture as it allows you both creativity and flexibility. You can work in a field that you actually enjoy while also being able to make your own schedule. However, making the decision to start your own business comes with a lot of responsibility. You need to constantly be seeking out new avenues of income to ensure that you can support yourself. Most people who are just starting out in the world of photography will do this work on a freelance basis while working a second job until they have built up their clientele list. Although there are many hurdles to jump over before creating a thriving photography business, it is possible if you have the right motivation and invest in high-quality camera equipment. Here are some tips you need to keep in mind before you get started.

Source: How to Start a Photography Business on a Budget: The Ultimate Guide

Thanksgiving Photo Feast Tips and Tricks!

Amber Life Blog – 11.25.19 (11.21.19)

Thanksgiving is a feast for the senses! You’ve got your beautifully roasted turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, decadent pumpkin pie, and any number of family favorites like tamales, casseroles, Grandma’s stuffing, and sweet potatoes baked with a marshmallow topping (it’s a thing!).

Source: Thanksgiving Photo Feast Tips + Tricks! 🦃 📱

Photoshop Reimagined for iPad: The Journey

The Imaging Alliance Blog – 11.25.19 (11.21.19)

We are thrilled to have shipped the first version of Photoshop on the iPad at Adobe MAX earlier this month. On behalf of the Photoshop team at Adobe, I want to thank all the customers who’ve downloaded the app and already started to create so many amazing images. In this short time, we’ve seen truly inventive ways many of you are experimenting with the app to integrate Photoshop on the iPad into your work.

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