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Meet DJI Pocket 2

DJI YouTube Channel – 10.23.20 (10.20.20)


DJI Pocket 2 is an advanced gimbal camera that follows in the footsteps of Osmo Pocket. It’s small, lightweight, and fits right in your pocket so you can record life with incredibly smooth footage. 4K/60fps video, 64MP photo, and DJI Matrix Stereo technology let you dive into filmmaking and create amazing content. Packed with intelligent features like ActiveTrack 3.0, Story Mode, while offering a suite of compact accessories, DJI Pocket 2 is a tiny wonder that lets you create magic at hand.

Source: DJI – Meet DJI Pocket 2

Get paid for your photos with Trove, a Microsoft Garage project

Microsoft Blogs – 9.28.20 (9.23.20)

We’re excited to share a big announcement for Trove, a Microsoft Garage project! Now, people can get paid for contributing accepted photos to AI projects in the Trove marketplace with new PayPal integration. Anyone can try Trove via the new web app and a now open app for Android, expanding participation in the experiment beyond the select set of users at the time of the initial May 2020 launch. At this time, please note that photo contributions are only available in the United States. Trove is accepting AI projects from anywhere.

Source: Get paid for your photos with Trove, a Microsoft Garage project

GoPro: HERO9 Black | 5K Footage

GoPro YouTube Channel – 9.18.20


A beastly 23.6MP sensor means more pixels, but how many exactly? Try 7x more than HD. That’s over 50% more resolution than 4K. 😲📺 Showcase serious detail, even while zoomed in, then freeze the action with clear 14.7MP frame grabs. 5K capture also supports #HyperSmooth 3.0, in-camera Horizon Leveling, + encodes at a high video bit rate of up to 100Mbps for lifelike image sharpness + fluid motion. Stressed about storage? Using High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), we’re able to shrink file sizes without compromising image quality, making space for more memories on your SD card. 💾

Source: GoPro: HERO9 Black | 5K Footage

Learn More about the ZV-1 Camera: The Ultimate Vlogging Camera

Sony YouTube Channel – 8.28.20


Take a deeper look into the key features of the Sony ZV-1 – a compact, digital camera designed to be the ultimate tool for content creators. The ZV-1 is a pocket-sized camera with uncompromising imaging technology and unique features for content creators and vloggers that lets the subject shine in any scene. Get a better understanding on how to use the ZV-1 for vlogging and creating content using the key features such as image stabilization, the Product Showcase setting, the Background Defocus setting, Face Detection AE (Auto Exposure), and more.

Source: Sony | Learn More about the ZV-1 Camera: The Ultimate Vlogging Camera

It’s 2020. Take Control of Your Data.

Amber Blog – 7.30.20 (7.29.20)

Where do you keep your data? If you’re like most people, you probably store it in a variety of places. Maybe you have a Google Photos account to save your favorite vacation images (or selfies–no judgment!). You probably have some docs saved to DropBox or OneDrive. Oh, and you might have an external hard drive or two filed with some of your most important memories.

Source: It’s 2020. Take Control of Your Data.

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