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How VR can help us learn more about Sharks and Rays

Vuze VR Blog – 12.11.18 (12.9.18)

One of the main threats to shark and ray conservation is a lack of knowledge! We can’t protect important habitats if we don’t know where they are and when sharks and rays need these habitats for feeding or reproducing! Also, data sources are mostly from fisheries and especially from fish markets! So, we are getting information on sharks and rays that are no longer in their ecosystem. There is an urgent need for non-destructive data-gathering methods and more education about these amazing creatures who have an undeserved bad reputation.

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Digital Photo Frames Take 3

The Imaging Alliance Blog – 12.3.18 (11.26.18)

Digital frames have been around for a while. We got tired of the first generation in the early 1990s, and the second generation of internet-connected frames in in the early 2000s wasn’t compelling enough either for most of us to keep using them. Why have yet another device to clutter our shelves or counters if we could already easily view our photos on our phone, computer, iPad – or connect any of those to our TV to view them on a large screen?

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