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The Best Video Accessories That Will Take Your Filmmaking Skills to the Next Level

MOVO Photo Blog – 8.20.19 (8.19.19)

So, you’re interested in becoming a filmmaker. Maybe you’re hoping to launch a career in videography or just looking to pick up a fun new hobby. Either way, there are some essential accessories you’ll need before you can get started, as well as some extra video accessories you’ll want to add as you progress and refine your video making skills. With such great leaps in technological advancements and easy access to video sharing sites, the market for filmmakers has become oversaturated, making it more difficult to stand out amongst the crowd. Finding your own unique style and using the ability to tell an incredible story visually is the key to getting noticed as a filmmaker. Get some of these high-quality video accessories and put our filmmaking tips to use to start creating your masterpiece.

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Say Hello to Osmo Mobile 3

DJI YouTube Channel – 8.14.19 (8.13.19)


Foldable and incredibly convenient, Osmo Mobile 3 is the perfect on-the-go companion for shooting with a smartphone. Control this 3-axis gimbal with a single hand, or try out Gesture Control. Transform into a professional content creator with the help of DJI Mimo’s Story mode. Mount your phone, get creative, and let Osmo Mobile 3 transform your world.

Source: DJI – Say Hello to Osmo Mobile 3

World Elephant Day: Nikon Ambassador Ami Vitale

Nikon YouTube Channel – 8.14.19 (8.12.19)


For the last ten years, #NikonAmbassador Ami Vitale has been in northern Kenya to document and tell the stories of its wild elephants, including those at the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, the first indigenous-owned elephant sanctuary in all of Africa. See how she was able to amplify these important, beautiful stories by creating intimate #wildlife close-ups and powerful videos with her Nikon #gear:

Source: World Elephant Day: Nikon Ambassador Ami Vitale

Lenovo VoIP 360 Camera Speaker Product Tour

Lenovo YouTube Channel – 8.8.19 (8.6.19)


Experience true immersion with Lenovo 360 camera speaker. See, hear and be heard and seen by everyone in the room, anywhere in the room. Microphone, speaker and camera work in 360 ̊, and environment noise suppression and acoustic noise-cancellation deliver rich, crisp sound to both parties.

Source: Lenovo VoIP 360 Camera Speaker Product Tour

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