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Purism launches Librem Key, the first and only security key to offer tamper-evident protection to laptop users

Purism Blog – 9.21.18 (9.20.18)

Purism, the social purpose corporation which designs and produces popular digital rights respecting hardware, software, and services, has launched its new security token, the Librem Key, which is the first and only OpenPGP smart card providing a Heads-firmware-integrated tamper-evident boot process. The new Librem Key, built with Open Hardware USB OpenPGP security tokens from Nitrokey, can store up to 4096-bit RSA keys and up to 512-bit ECC keys and can securely generate them directly on the device. Librem Keys are now available for purchase on Purism’s website, with Librem laptops or as a single order. Librem Keys will be able to provide basic security token functions on any laptop, but have extended features that work exclusively with Purism’s Librem laptop line and other devices that support Trammel Hudson’s Heads security firmware.

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Vote for Ockel! | Ockel Computers – Reinventing the PC

Ockel Computers Blog – 7.12.18 (7.11.18)

Hi all, Time for an all-new update this week. Today we update you about the Start-up of the year award nomination, the powerbar shipments and we’ll share the latest production update. Vote for Ockel! As mentioned in our last update, we are nominated for the ‘Start-up of the year Award 2018’.

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Librem 15 sale? Librem 13 sale? Why not both?

Purism Blog – 5.4.18 (5.3.18)

Yesterday we’ve been pleasantly surprised to hear from Publisher of the legendary Linux Journal that we have been featured in their latest May issue focused on privacy. Shawn Powers, associate editor at Linux Journal, purchased a Librem 13 for his own use and decided to review it in depth. The result is a glowing review that warms our hearts after this particularly long winter (remember, our team is international, so most of us are not surfing the beaches of San Francisco).

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