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To these people, your video call means the world

Jabra Blog – 10.9.18 (10.8.18)

Your friends are perennial pocket pals. They’re in there now! Feel them? Sue sent a selfie. Buzz. Tony texted you. Da-ding. Fiona’s on Facetime. Ring-ring. Go look!

In our crazy connected world, seniors have missed out. 25% live alone. 40% feel lonely. Of those in aged care, 40% are visited once a month or less and 52% suffer from at least one symptom of depression. Studies link social isolation and loneliness to functional decline, poor sleep, blood pressure, depression, dementia and morbidity. As a health risk, social isolation is worse than smoking! Why do we neglect our ageing parents?

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Is AR the future of in-flight entertainment? Check out how ThirdEye is changing the flying experience! 

ThirdEye Gen Blog – 10.1.18 (9.25.18)

Everyone’s been there before:  After an early wake up, traveling to the airport and standing in line at security…your Zone number is finally called to board!  You (hopefully) find a place for your bag, sit down and start to peruse the in-flight entertainment menu on the back of the seat in front you.  But as soon as the plane takes off, the person decides to recline their seat, leaving absolutely no way for you to enjoy your movie (let alone see the screen) without permanently damaging your back!

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Oculus Connect 5 | React 360 & Oculus Browser: Uniting the Web with VR

Oculus YouTube Channel – 10.1.18 (9.26.18)


Learn how to create immersive experiences that better serve your existing users on mobile and web while delighting new users in VR too. This session will cover new features in the Oculus Browser—one of the most popular apps in VR–and highlight how React 360 can be used to easily create engaging experiences that reach more people across VR and non-VR devices. Andrew Mo
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