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CES 2019 | Game Drive for Xbox SSD

Seagate YouTube Channel – 1.14.19 (1.11.19)


We’ve partnered with Xbox to design a premium external solid state drive (SSD) that gives you full throttle, flash-speed performance while complementing the appearance of your Xbox One X. This sleek new game drive is lightweight, shock resistant, and portable.

Source: CES 2019 | Game Drive for Xbox SSD

CES 2019: How to Level Up Like a Pro Gamer

Seagate Blog – 1.14.19 (1.10.19)

Level Up your gaming experience with our unbeatable portfolio of storage products supporting all gaming platforms and crafted for all levels of play, from the fastest internal SSDs to the most powerful high-capacity internal hard drives and specialized external SSD and HDD-based Game Drives to instantly add more fun and games to your Xbox or Playstation console. Massive capacity. Serious speed. Fierce upgrades. The best gamers go with the best drives.

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