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Introducing ‘Kids & Family’ on The Roku Channel

Roku Blog – 8.19.19

kids and family on the roku channel

Finding quality kids and family entertainment is about to get easier. Today, we’re excited to announce the addition of ‘Kids & Family’ on The Roku Channel! Kids & Family makes it easy for children and parents to find a great selection of content available for free and through Premium Subscriptions available in one, easy-to-access destination. Additionally, we’re introducing Parental Controls within The Roku Channel to give parents an additional layer of control. Both will be available starting later today.

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6 mind-blowing TV and movie fan theories

Roku Blog – 6.12.19 (6.11.19)

Some people watch a movie or TV show and take it at face value, while others meticulously analyze every aspect of the content and concoct a theory so profound it completely changes the way we see things. Are these intricate theories true, or are they ramblings of overzealous fans? Today, you be the judge as we get in touch with our inner cinematic conspiracy theorist.

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New on Your Roku Streaming Device: Global TV

Roku Blog – 5.15.19 (5.7.19)

new roku channels

With so many channels in the Roku Channel Store, it can be tough to keep up with what’s new. We’re here to help.

The roundup of new Roku channels below has something for everyone, from news junkies to movie lovers, to sports fanatics. Simply click the links below to add the channels to your Roku device, and start streaming!

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Happy Streaming Week!

Roku Blog – 5.13.19

national streaming week

Our favorite week of the year has arrived! This year, National Streaming Week begins May 13 and ends on May 20. Celebrate with us all week long by streaming full seasons of handpicked TV shows, entering for a chance to win some fantastic prizes, or by taking advantage of some great deals on Roku players. In addition, we’re celebrating the introduction of new music channels to The Roku Channel with a sampling just in time for Streaming Week.

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