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Introducing PureBoot Restricted Boot

Purism Blog – 11.4.22 (11.3.22)

We have been busy on the PureBoot front! Recently we announced “PureBoot Basic Mode” which is a low-security option for PureBoot that disables tamper detection, but leaves you with the robust PureBoot recovery console for debugging boot issues. To balance our last “low security” feature, our most recent PureBoot release, version 23, offers a new high-security feature called Restricted Boot. By default PureBoot will allow you to boot any USB disk you choose, and offers a failsafe boot mode so you can boot into your system even if signatures don’t match. Restricted Boot tightens down boot security so you can only boot trusted, signed boot images. In this post I will describe the thinking and design behind Restricted Boot and how it contrasts with boot restrictions on other platforms.

Source: Introducing PureBoot Restricted Boot – Purism

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