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11 startups addressing global problems—here’s how we’re helping

Google Blog – 4.7.20 (4.6.20)

When we announced our Google for Startups Accelerator on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in November, we did not foresee how dramatically day-to-day life would soon change. The COVID-19 pandemic and its widespread health, social and economic consequences have made the goal of the program—to help founders build technology to  solve serious issues facing our world—even more pressing.

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Stadia Savepoint: March updates

Google Blog – 3.30.20

We’re back with another update in our Stadia Savepoint series, providing a summary of recent news on Stadia.

This month we added seven new games to the Stadia store including DOOM Eternal and Lost Words: Beyond the Page, a First on Stadia title. With Serious Sam Collection, Spitlings and Stacks On Stacks (On Stacks) being added to Stadia Pro on April 1, subscribers can claim and build their library of games, playing for free as part of their subscription.

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COVID-19: How we’re continuing to help

Google Blog – 3.16.20 (3.15.20)

For 21 years, Google’s mission has been to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Helping people get the right information to stay healthy is more important than ever in the face of a global pandemic like COVID-19. Since my last update, we’ve accelerated our work to help people stay safe, informed and connected. Here are the latest developments in our ongoing global response.

(Her)story in the making: our International Women’s Day Doodle

Google blog – 3.10.20 (3.8.20)

Coming from a family of strong women, I grew up taking independence for granted. My grandmother always emphasized the power we had as women to take care of ourselves, pursue our dreams, and thrive. All three of her daughters went on to earn university degrees in subjects they were passionate about and then to work and become financially independent. One of them even chose not to get married, an act of defiance in 1950s Italy.

Full Post: (Her)story in the making: our International Women’s Day Doodle

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