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Elevate Your Setup With DJI RS 4

DJI YouTube Channel – 4.10.24

DJI RS 4 – Confidence at any speed or intensity. Handling rapid and diverse camera movements is always challenging, but the new DJI RS 4 can deal with it effortlessly with an enhanced structural design and improved stabilization algorithm. Moreover, RS 4 supports 2nd generation Native Vertical Shooting, bringing you extended possibilities for social media content.

Source: Elevate Your Setup With DJI RS 4

Introducing the DJI RS 4 Series

DJI YouTube Channel – 4.9.24

Introducing DJI RS 4 Series – RS 4 for solo cinematographers and RS 4 Pro for professional productions. The DJI RS 4 and RS 4 Pro offer a seamless experience with powerful payload and smooth balancing. Designed with an all-new horizontal plate, RS 4 series enables native vertical shooting without the need for additional accessories. In addition, the newly added joystick mode switch makes it effortless for zoom and gimbal control, enabling stress-free operation. Experience a comprehensive production solution with the RS 4 Series, perfectly compatible with other DJI Pro accessories, such as the new DJI Focus Pro and DJI Transmission.

Source: Introducing the DJI RS 4 Series

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