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DJI Stories – Fly Without Wings

DJI YouTube Channel – 11.15.18 (11.13.18)


As a young man, Andrew Kuster suffered a tragic injury, an accidental gunshot wound left him partially paralyzed. But Kuster didn’t let that get in the way of living a full life. He began learning how to operate drones and got his commercial license from the FAA. These days he runs Tri County Drone LLC in his native Missouri. He photographs real estate, inspects power lines, and captures Motocross highlights. He is teaching his daughter how to fly and hopes she’ll join him in the business someday.

Source: DJI Stories – Fly Without Wings

DJI Stories – Inspiring Girls to Pursue STEM

DJI YouTube Channel – 11.14.18


Around the world, schools are putting an increasing emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math. DJI is helping contribute to the development of STEM with partners. This past summer, a group of young women got the chance to learn about STEM subjects with the Tello drone from Ryze, and the Spark from DJI. Drobots, a summer camp provider focused on robotics, partnered with the YWCA to offer this unique and interactive experience.

Source: DJI Stories – Inspiring Girls to Pursue STEM

The Epic Distraction – Never Travel Without a Drone

DJI YouTube Channel – 11.6.18 (11.5.18)


Have you ever been too distracted trying to take a good photo that you almost missed out your romantic moment? Sometimes it can be a challenge to do both. Now, with Mavic Air you can capture a moment and be in the moment at the same time. Anywhere can be epic if you just bring along the right tool to help you.

Source: The Epic Distraction – Never Travel Without a Drone

DJI – Parkour in Chongqing: A Short Film Shot with the Ronin-S

DJI YouTube Channel – 9.24.18 (9.21.18)


We never know what life will suddenly throw our way. A man receives an important phone call on his way home from work and has to move quickly, resorting to parkour to navigate a crowded city. Follow award-winning parkour athlete, Henry He, as weaves his way through heavy traffic, narrow streets, and the unique urban setting of Chongqing, China to make it to his destination in time.

Source: DJI – Parkour in Chongqing: A Short Film Shot with the Ronin-S

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