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DJI Flysafe – AirSense: The Next Step in Airspace Safety

DJI YouTube Channel – 5.24.19 (5.22.19)


For years, DJI has been on the leading edge of innovation – especially when it comes to safety. Now we’re taking the next step – implementing ADS-B technology to let drone pilots detect and avoid traditional aircraft flying nearby. We call it DJI AirSense. This feature sets a new drone industry standard for safety and reliability by giving pilots another tool to understand the skies around them, make good decisions, and fly safely. DJI AirSense will become standard on all DJI drones above 250 grams.

Source: DJI Flysafe – AirSense: The Next Step in Airspace Safety

Anafi Thermal – Wildlife protection

Parrot YouTube Channel – 5.8.19 (5.7.19)


ANAFI Thermal – the ultra-compact drone supports Wildlife protection. At Parrot we are committed to support NGO involved in environment conservation. Thanks to incredible performances and features, ANAFI Thermal is the perfect tool for volunteers involved in South Africa reserve preservation. ANAFI Thermal guides the ground team and can monitor the nocturnal activity of the animals without any risk.

Source: Anafi Thermal – Wildlife protection

Parrot ANAFI Thermal – The ultra-compact thermal drone

Parrot YouTube Channel – 4.15.19


Discover how ANAFI Thermal – the ultra-compact, lightweight and performant thermal imaging drone – will change the way you work. Whether it’s those working in construction, such as roofers, insulation and thermal inspection specialists – or those in public services, civil security and emergency services stakeholders – ANAFI Thermal is the flexible, all-in-one tool that will support professionals across a wide range of industries.

Source: Parrot ANAFI Thermal – The ultra-compact thermal drone

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