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Boston Band of Roboticists Aims to Rock Sidewalks With Personal Bots

NVIDIA Blog – 8.28.20 (8.27.20)

With Lime and Bird scooters covering just about every major U.S. city, you’d think all bets were off for walking. Think again.

Piaggio Fast Forward is staking its future on the idea that people will skip e-scooters or ride-hailing once they take a stroll with its gita robot. A Boston-based subsidiary of the iconic Vespa scooter maker, the company says the recent focus on getting fresh air and walking during the COVID-19 pandemic bodes well for its new robotics concept.

Source: Boston Band of Roboticists Aims to Rock Sidewalks With Personal Bots

Misty Comes Alive Today

Misty Robotics Blog – 6.24.20 (6.22.20)

Anyone following these pages knows that Misty Robotics has a dream of enabling everyone to be able to solve problems with robots — wrenching the arcane technology world of robots out of the hands of the few thousand capable roboticists, globally, who have historically been called upon to deliver robot solutions to the market — and delivering a sophisticated, low-cost, moldable piece of robot-clay to every business person, educator, dreamer, inventor, innovator who can lay their hands on a software developer to create a robot solution that solves real-world problems.

Source: Misty Comes Alive Today

Roybi Robot Educational Smart Toy for Kids

Roybi Robot YouTube Channel – 6.19.20 (6.17.20)


Named by TIME Magazine as one of The Best Inventions of 2019, Roybi Robot provides children 3+ with a personalized education based on their individual learning pace and interests, setting the foundation for a successful future. With over 500 lessons, including language learning, basic STEM, stories, games, and songs, Roybi Robot uses the power of AI to create a fun and interactive learning experience for children.

Source: Roybi Robot Educational Smart Toy for Kids

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