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5 Ways Children Can Benefit From AI

ROYBI Blog – 11.8.19

Many parents are skeptical of artificial intelligence interacting with their children. They are wary of robots “having minds of their own.” However, kids interacting with social robots can bring about positive implications that they probably haven’t considered. Here are five ways AI can benefit your children.

Source: 5 Ways Children Can Benefit From AI

Windows expands support for robots

Microsoft Blogs – 10.31.19 (10.30.19)

Robotics technology is moving fast. A lot has happened since Microsoft announced an experimental release of Robot Operating System (ROS™)[1] for Windows at last year’s ROSCON in Madrid. ROS support became generally available in May 2019, which enabled robots to take advantage of the worldwide Windows ecosystem—a rich device platform, world-class developer tools, integrated security, long-term support and a global partner network. In addition, we gave access to advanced Windows features like Windows Machine Learning and Vision Skills and provided connectivity to Microsoft Azure IoT cloud services.

Source: Windows expands support for robots – Windows Developer Blog

Grow with Sphero – Alarm Clock

Sphero YouTube Channel – 10.25.19 (10.23.19)


How many times do you hit the “snooze” button in the morning? Once? Twice? Five or more times?! Don’t worry, we won’t judge you for it. But if you do find that you need to make sure you ACTUALLY wake up after catching some zzz’s, we’ll show you how to turn your Sphero robot into an alarm clock on this episode of Thursday Learn Day.

Source: Grow with Sphero – Alarm Clock

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