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Top 10 advantages of using 3D printing for proof of concept

Sculpteo Blog – 8.16.19 (8.13.19)

Proof of concept is an essential part of any product development process. Before moving onto rapid prototyping, you need to know what’s the starting point. 3D printing can really help you out with that by providing you new and better ways of producing your proof of concept. Today we will discuss what exactly is a proof of concept, why should you consider 3D printing as the ultimate method to create your model and how beneficial it can be for your manufacturing strategies.

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Artec Micro: scanning and processing

Artec 3D YouTube Channel – 8.15.19 (8.13.19)


Excerpts from a presentation on Artec Micro, introducing scanning and processing with this next generation desktop 3D scanner. Delivering metrology-level accuracy of up to 10 microns, Micro is an exemplary and easy-to-use 3D scanning solution for small and tiny objects, making it an indispensable tool for quality control, reverse engineering, parts inspection, dental implantology, and more! Right out of the box, Micro is integrated with world-renowned Artec Studio software, giving you a real time view of your 3D scans as they appear, and then you’re just a few clicks away from robust 3D models for a whole spectrum of applications.

Source: Artec Micro: scanning and processing

3D printed glasses: Taking the eyewear industry to the next level

Sculpteo Blog – 8.8.19 (8.7.19)

3D printing is now changing how glasses are designed and manufactured. Many eyewear manufacturers, or even individuals, are starting to adopt this layer-by-layer technique, mainly to differentiate their products from their competitors and bring more innovation to their glasses designs. But 3D printing technology also offers new possibilities for your eyewear company.

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Can we save wildlife with 3D printing?

Sculpteo Blog – 7.18.19 (7.16.19)

We recently wrote about saving forests thanks to Additive Manufacturing, now new research was conducted to protect wildlife animals. Brandy Neiles, a resource biologist from South Dakota’s Gae, Fish & Parks, is changing the face of preserving the Bobcat population with his revolutionary development.

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3D printed jewelry: Why you should start thinking about it?

Sculpteo Blog – 6.21.19 (6.19.19)

Can Additive Manufacturing be an asset to your jewelry production? Or, maybe you don’t own a jewelry business yet and you would like to start one. Either way, it can be interesting for you to know that 3D printed jewelry can be a real deal on the market. Why does it stand out? What makes 3D printed jewelry special? How can you start and where to look for inspiration? Let’s find out!

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