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Glowforge | Designing Robots — Seattle Makerspace

Glowforge YouTube Channel – 7.16.20 (7.12.20)


You won’t believe the possibilities Austen has opened up with Glowforge at his school. Watch to see how by printing precision parts for his magical moving mechanisms, Austen was able to complete his proudest project: the Automaton.

Source: Glowforge | Rapid Prototyping for Architects — Seattle Makerspace

Teaching STEM with Glowforge — Seattle Makerspace

Glowforge YouTube Channel – 7.9.20 (7.8.20)


As an educator, Casey is always looking for ways to help his students bring their ideas to life. No one could have imagined the incredible ways Glowforge would unlock new methods of making for Casey’s students- and himself!

Source: Meet Casey, Artist + Educator with Glowforge

The most inspiring Ted Talks about 3D printing

Sculpteo Blog – 4.3.20

Need something to help pass the time during this quarantine? We decided to select for you the most inspiring Ted Talks about additive manufacturing! All of these inspiring AM leaders share their experiments with 3D printing and show us the great opportunities offered by this cutting-edge technology. From medical 3D printing to electronic possibilities, you will see that the potential of 3D printing might be way more impressive than you would think.

Full Post: The most inspiring Ted Talks about 3D printing

D-Day Revisited uses Artec Leo to create unforgettable 3D sculptures of the fallen

Artec 3D YouTube Channel – 2.24.20 (2.21.20)


Artec Ambassador Central Scanning took part in a remarkable project to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. Bringing together volunteers dressed in authentic World War II allied uniforms, the 3D scanning specialists at Central Scanning digitally captured them in various poses in minutes using Artec Leo, a professional handheld 3D scanner for creating incredibly lifelike 3D models of objects of all kinds. The scans were then used to make plaster molds, from which award-winning garden designer John Everiss created his intricate metal sculptures from hundreds of precisely-welded washers. The end result is a Normandy clifftop installation of ghost-like figures that appear to be dissolving into thin air.

Source: D-Day Revisited uses Artec Leo to create unforgettable 3D sculptures of the fallen

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