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Take Our Quiz and Try to Spot Scam Websites

Avast Blog – 6.11.19 (6.10.19)

Do you get suspicious emails claiming to be from real companies? Do they guide you to websites that appear real – except for strange details? You’re not alone. The most costly cybersecurity threat, according to the newly released “Internet Crime Report” from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is email fraud – often pointing the recipient to a fraudulent or “scam” site.

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Cybersecurity for 2020 Elections

Avast Blog – 5.30.19 (5.26.19)

In 2016, American democracy was hacked. Can cybersecurity prevent meddling next time?

Russian hackers have been tied to interfering with the 2016 U.S. presidential elections and 2018 midterm elections, breaching two of Florida’s 67 counties’ election systems, and hacking the Democratic National Committee networks.

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