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Echo Frames are now available to everyone

Amazon Blog – 11.23.20 (11.19.20)

In creating Echo Frames, we had a vision at Amazon to invent a product that would empower customers to stay connected with the world and provide access to communication, information, and entertainment no matter where they are. We wanted to build a technology that could disappear into the background and help our customers engage with people, content, and services, without distracting them from the moment. So we asked ourselves: how do we build a device for all-day wear that works well both at home and on-the-go and lets customers stay present?

Source: Echo Frames are now available to everyone

Alexa’s 6th Birthday – Thanks for 6 Awesome Years

Amazon YouTube Channel – 11.9.20 (11.6.20)


I’m turning 6 years old in 2020. So far, I can speak over a dozen languages and share thousands of facts, recipes and jokes. Not bad for a six year-old! Cheers to many more and a special thank you to all of you who shared these videos – I love seeing how I’m part of your life.

Source: Alexa’s 6th Birthday – Thanks for 6 Awesome Years

Machine learning for kids

Amazon Blog – 11.6.20 (11.5.20)

The growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning will create millions of new jobs over the next few years. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) specialists are in the most “in demand” employees across all industries, according to the World Economic Forum’s new Future of Jobs report, 2020, yet there are only a few hundred thousand engineers trained in AI and ML worldwide. As more organizations embrace digital transformation by moving to the cloud to make machine learning a reality, they’re using creative training initiatives to close the machine learning skills gap. Capital One’s AWS DeepRacer League is one excellent example of this.

Source: Machine learning for kids

Preview some of our best deals for Prime Day 2020

Amazon Blog – 10.10.20 (10.8.20)

We recently announced that Prime Day 2020 will kick off on Tuesday, October 13 at 12 a.m. PT and run for 48 hours, delivering two full days of shopping on more than a million deals worldwide for Prime members. When it comes to incredible deals on amazing products, this year’s event will deliver in a big way, with more deals than any Prime Day event before.

Source: Preview some of our best deals for Prime Day 2020

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