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Seven women behind Alexa

Amazon Blogs – 3.9.19 (3.8.19)


A woman in front of a blue-filtered woman smiles as she looks to her left.

Whenever she can, Milkana Brace steps onto a water taxi, breathes in the crisp air, and makes her way to her small family cabin on a tiny island in the San Juan Islands, a few hours outside of Seattle.

When she’s not recharging by the Salish Sea, she’s tackling some of the most complex challenges in technology: how to voice-enable the world around us.

Brace is the founder and CEO of Jargon and an Alexa Fund entrepreneur. She’s one of many women working to enhance the voice experience, building out Alexa’s skills, knowledge, and abilities.

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iAVS16 Named ‘Best Alexa Speaker For Your Bedroom’

iHome Blog – 2.9.19 (2.6.19)

Recently, Business Insider released a buying guide of ‘Insider Picks’ that highlighted the best Alexa-enabled speakers currently on the market. The editors reviewed a number of models from a variety of top brands, naming the iHome iAVS16 ‘the best Alexa speaker for your bedroom’.

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The Best Sounding Yule Log Ever

Sonos YouTube Channel – 12.10.18 (12.6.18)


The yule log never sounded better. Together with log sound designer Andrew Tracy, Sonos created this unparalleled-sounding yule for the holidays. It’s complete with the proper wood-to-flame ratio, log sizes, and bark thickness to maximize its acoustical perfection. For the most immersive listening experience, play with your Sonos system.

Source: The Best Sounding Yule Log Ever

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