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GeForce Powers TNC Predator’s Esports Boot Camp

NVIDIA YouTube Channel – 2.4.19 (2.2.19)


Ever wonder what it’s like to live and work in a competitive gaming house? TNC Predator’s team house and boot camp is equipped with everything the group needs for practice, play and living, and we were lucky enough to get a quick glimpse at their daily process. Take a look!

Source: GeForce Powers TNC Predator’s Esports Boot Camp

Startup Bay Labs Uses AI for Heart Disease Diagnosis

NVIDIA Blog – 1.31.19 (1.29.19)

Cars need smog tests. Bridges need quality inspections. And humans need health screenings, especially for the heart.

That’s because heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. In the United States alone, it’s responsible for about one in four deaths each year.

With deep learningheart disease diagnosis is becoming easier and more accessible — which in turn can improve treatment and patient outcomes.

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How Deep Learning Deciphers Historical Documents

NVIDIA Blog – 1.28.19 (1.24.19)

Deep learning researchers are hitting the books.

By building AI tools to transcribe historical texts in antiquated scripts letter by letter, they’re creating an invaluable resource for researchers who study centuries-old documents.

Many old documents have been digitized as scans or photographs of physical pages. But while obsolete scripts like Greek miniscule or German Fraktur may be readable by experts, the text on these scanned pages is neither legible to a broad audience nor searchable by computers.

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