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How Does a Self-Driving Car See?

NVIDIA Blog – 4.17.19 (4.15.19)

To drive better than humans, autonomous vehicles must first see better than humans.

Building reliable vision capabilities for self-driving cars has been a major development hurdle. By combining a variety of sensors, however, developers have been able to create a detection system that can “see” a vehicle’s environment even better than human eyesight.

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Bin-e’s Smart Recycling Bin Makes It Easy to Be Green

NVIDIA Blog – 4.1.19

We’re polluting our planet with our trash.

Everything we “throw away” ends up somewhere else — destined for landfill or even the oceans. With increasing awareness of environmental calamities like mountains of trash in some Asian countries and the Great Pacific Garbage Patches, out of sight is no longer necessarily out of mind.

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Automotive Tech Accelerates at GTC 2019

NVIDIA Blog – 3.25.19 (3.22.19)

From start to finish, this week’s GPU Technology Conference was buzzing with automotive innovation.

Sleek vehicles greeted attendees at the front door of the San Jose Convention Center. Autonomous vehicles lined up for potential future passengers inside the exhibit hall. And self-driving cars seamlessly maneuvered around pedestrians and obstacles on the roads behind the conference hall.

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