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3 Indie Games We Can’t Wait to Play

NETGEAR Blog – 12.4.18 (12.3.18)

Sometimes in life it’s the smaller things which are best. The films and games which catch us by surprise, without the massive media campaigns, without the huge stars – think Shaun of the Dead, or Zombieland (admittedly, Woody Harrelson was in that one, but he was in the wilderness of his career at that point). These indie productions were probably better becausethey came from absolutely nowhere. That’s why we’ve decided to show some love to our indie game designers and list three indie games we just can’t wait to play.

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WiFi Streams Matter. Here’s Why.

NETGEAR Blog – 11.12.18

When we look at specs for new WiFi routers, in the interest of buying the fastest router, generally what is touted on the packaging and marketing messages is the maximum theoretical speed of the router, in addition to the stated maximum speeds like AC1900 or AC2600.  While this information is important, it doesn’t explain the full story about how these fast WiFi devices achieve this performance.  Nor does it state how the router performs in crowded environments, or what the estimated range of the router may be.

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