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JLab goes 100% Recyclable! ♻

JLab Audio Blog – 10.9.20

We found a way to ditch the plastic. This has been a goal of ours for quite some time: To provide an eco-friendly case for the environment + a strong and sturdy package for you. This means after you open your product, you can put the box directly into the recycling bin and every component of it is recyclable. We immediately kicked off the initiative with our new launches like the Epic Air ANC and will fully transition all packages by 2021.

Source: JLab goes 100% Recyclable! ♻

Gaming Terminology

JLab Audio – 6.25.20

Here are some tips to broaden your knowledge as a gamer and how to achieve a desirable experience. Plus, some features you will expect when using some of our products.

Check out our true wireless product, JBuds Air Play Gaming Earbuds, for a flawless game without the wires and a bulky headset. All you need are your earbuds and a mobile device to play.

Source: Gaming Terminology

Top 10 Mobile Games: JLab Approved

JLab Audio Blog – 2.17.20 (2.15.20)

Mobile gaming is on a rise due to the expansion of social distancing in 2020. There are estimates that mobile gaming will increase to 12% by the end of 2020 with a total of $76.7B. While the advancement of technology continues to disperse, it has become easier to play on the phone that is left stagnant in hand, rather than setting up a gaming station at home.

Source: Top 10 Mobile Games: JLab Approved

Recyclable packaging + Recycling Headphones

JLab Audio Blog – 4.24.20

In 2019, we recycled one ton of electronic material. We offer an industry-leading Recycling Program where we accept any old headphones (any brand, any model) and to reward you for recycling your electronics, we offer 30% off your JLab purchase.  Learn more here.

Full Post: Recyclable packaging + Recycling Headphones

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